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Study raises hopes of cure for baldness


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Stem cell treatment for patients specifically for baldness is already being done in other countries. This is not a first and to wait 10 years in Japan to receive this treatment when a generic technique is now available seems to be a waste of valuable research time.

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Hurry up Mr. Scientist, I am running out of time!

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i don't want mice on my head :p

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i don't want mice on my head :p

I read a bit about this from other sources, it wouldn't be mice per se. growing on your head. It would be whiskers (human or rodent remains to be seen)

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I'm volunteering my head for research.

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kurisupisu, the editor and peer reviewers at Nature seem to disagree with you. there are many bogus "stem cell therapies", I just read an article in Science a few day ago that estimated about 100 illegal companies in China alone that offer various "stem cell treatments"

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But why? Being bald is the new black.

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No cure will be available any time soon. Capt. Picard will be bald in the 24th century.

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Study raises hopes of cure for baldness

Cure? I didn't know I was sick! :)

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I wanted hair again.....but I would rather not have it anymore....

....you never know when a JKeystone might sneak up you and lick it!

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Sure we can put a man on the moon, but can we make sure he does not go bald when he gets back? We need a Manhattan Project for baldness, a Man Hattin' Project.

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I think that the only people worried about this are the bald people themselves. I don't think anyone else cares if someone is bald or not.

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Capt. Picard would love this, but they hadn't managed to come up with a solution even in the 23rd century...

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The big question remains: will it affect a man's erection? Modern medicines do bring some hair back - to the true happiness of the upper head and greatest disappointment of the lower one.

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Now THIS, is headline news! Not that I'm bald or balding, but I know many people who would be very interested in hearing about this news.

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It would save me a lot of money on sunscreen and hats!

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Mice !

It makes a change from the many people I've seen sporting dead guinea pigs on top of their craniums.

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We don't need a cure for baldness half as much as we need a cure for comb-overs!

And rather than cure baldness, it might be better to just move it down a little, like to some guys' arms and backs! Baldness is pretty much good to go anywhere below the neck!

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Cure? I didn't know baldness was an illness. How ignorant and cruel to say that...

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Get the treatment and then the samurai haircut becomes fashionable :p

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Companies survive by being bogus?

Companies survive by producing a service for the customer.

Baldness is caused by there being different cells in the crown of the head as distinct from the sides and back

Transfer cells from one part to the other and hair will sprout

This can be done by stem cell therapy


b.follicular hair transplant

I've had the latter done but not the former.

Does it work?


In a few years I will have cartilage replaced in my spine using my own stem cells.

As I wrote there are already doctors doing this and it does work.I have already found a doctor for this procedure....

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I've already got more than enough hair, it's just that it keeps sprouting from my nose and ears instead of my scalp!

The only problem I see with using "adult" stem cells is the DNA is already aged and damage has occured to the telemerese ends of the DNA strands. I would be extremely burnt if I spent all that money for elective surgery, only to have the follicle cells die out a year later.

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kurisupisu, be very careful. all the clinics Nature reporters surveyed in China (over 100) do not have government's approval (= operating illegally), and their scientific references are bogus and not confirmed by mainstream research. I don't know about your doctor and what is he doing, but research it properly beforehand. regarding the study in discussion here, if you read the original paper (http://www.nature.com/ncomms/journal/v3/n4/full/ncomms1784.html), you will see that there have been many attempts to regenerate hair follicles through the rearrangement of stem cell, but this is the first success in regenerating fully functional follicles (including hair cycles, piloerection, connection with surrounding tissues). But it must be said that implementing such technology to human follicles still needs lots of research.

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Well finally some good news.

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I found a cure years ago...clippers. There are far bigger are more valuable issues out there to be focussing on.....

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