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Japan studies giving 3rd coronavirus vaccine shots next year


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Cool. Just in time for my first, at the rate things are going now.

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Par for the course. Mixing vaccines, boosters, etc. etc.

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How many of us are still completely unvaccinated? Worry about that given you cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, ffs.

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We should start thinking about 4 the and 5 th dose to protect the lives.

We need to think ahead!

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my university just emailed me canceling my first vaccine shot (for the second time) due to lack of supply.

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How many of us are still completely unvaccinated?

(Raises hand). Not through lack of trying, but there you go.

Fortunately my better half has had both of hers through her job, and she can't telework. So at least I have that to be grateful for.

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The vaccine side effects are much worse after the second dose compared to the first. I wonder how bad the effects will be after the 3rd, and 4th, and ....

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my university just emailed me canceling my first vaccine shot (for the second time) due to lack of supply.

I like how a simple statement of fact already has two downvotes.

Guess the notion of Japan as a less than perfect country is hard for some weeabos to take.

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Recall when they said the order would be:

One: Medical

Two: Elderly

Three: Preexisting Conditions

*etc. on down to those in the 20's and younger?

Then they hit a serious glitch....where was the database for the pre-existing condition people? Whoops

Now businesses run by people that have contacts in the government are getting their workers and families inoculated ahead of a whole bunch of people that really need these shots. Shameful.

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Classic case of deflective the poor roll out of first/second vaccine shots - to show the population how great and proactive the govt is that we are already planning for third shot and securing the supply...

Good PR stunt but in reality complete BS - first get your shxx together to finish the two initial doses for residents please??

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Seems like November 2020, doesn’t it?

Japan studies giving 3rd coronavirus vaccine shots, next year ” -

It’s “Deja vu, … all over again” !!

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And no, when numbers are falling why would more injections be necessary?

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For the posters getting worked up about this because many of us (myself included) still haven't got our first shot, note that they are studying this now so when the time is right it can be implemented. If they don't do the studies now, in a year from now we'll find ourselves in the same predicament again i.e. a delayed start making matters worse. I'm just as frustrated as the next, but I see this as a positive step.

It's becoming clear that this virus is with us for good now. We need to deal with that.

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Had to switch to Apple. - Typed “Japan studies” in the search engine …

and the ‘pathetic’, local hardware overheated..

Third world..

Where can we get ‘real’ and ‘timely’ answers for origin and solution to these problems?

China ??

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For the posters getting worked up about this because many of us (myself included) still haven't got our first shot, note that they are studying this now so when the time is right it can be implemented. If they don't do the studies now, in a year from now we'll find ourselves in the same predicament again i.e. a delayed start making matters worse. I'm just as frustrated as the next, but I see this as a positive step.

It's becoming clear that this virus is with us for good now. We need to deal with that.

That is very reasonable thinking. My only issue with it is that it assumes competence on the part of the people who are "studying this now".

Even if they are themselves competent, their conclusions will presumably have to be run through the national government, where common sense and competence are in even shorter supply than the vaccine itself.

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(Full disclosure: got my first shot this Thursday, next shot scheduled in 3 weeks)

Status as of today as per Yahoo:

53.7 Mio shots given out of a population of 125 Mio which requires 125 x 2 = 250 Mio shots in total.

Hence, still 196.3 Mio shots to go before a hypothetical third shot can be discussed.

(shakes head in disbelief...)

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I hear you. But, with incompetence in play, the sooner they start, the better!

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My town finally finished with those in their 60s and completely bypassed those from 20s to 50s and now doing Jr high and high schoolers.

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Wait a second, The JP government is “considering” / thinking about booster shots next year? How about getting everybody vaccinated right now!

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Slots for Setagaya is fully booked. Luckily I got mine from work (2nd dose today).

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I got my fist 2 days ago, day after absolute disaster…it felt like someone had punched me in the arm. Oh the horror, stupid side effects. Although I must say my wife says I’m more beautiful then ever, oh the horror. Thank god for pre existing condition. My daughter and grand daughter have tested positive after a lunch at a maul. It only took 4 days to get a test. But it’s great news the government are having meetings about next year, By that time the meetings about this year should be ready to be winding down.

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@Cricky, after my first Moderna shot I felt a bit down for 2-3 days, but after my second Moderna shot I felt like I had carried refrigerators around the whole day with sharp pain in all muscles especially my lower back. It eased off quickly though within 1 day. If your first shot symptoms are bad maybe the second will be mild.

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A study! Great, like the mock vaccination trials they held this past winter.

And what about the vaccine passports?


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Consider the mix of different vax products which might enhance the speedy rollout and effectiveness (according to some reported studies).

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Additional disclosure:

I got my first shot in the morning 10:45 (Thursday) and in the evening started to have some pain around the spot of the shot. It felt a little like I bumped into something a few days earlier and was left with a lingering pain or muscle ache. It lasted around 24 hours and disappeared.

Did I survive my first shot? Yeah. Would I do it again? Yeah. Would I risk COVID? Eff. no!

So, third shot? Bring it on. I just wonder how much time it will take until we get one...

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to my second shot asap. (3 weeks in-between actually).

My advice? (If you can) get vaccinated now! You'll be better off. Your beloved ones will too. We'll all be.

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I probably should have not made such light of it as I have friends overseas who felt like you or worse. I was ready for a fever in the middle of summer! I’m sorry I made light of my experience. My point is it doesn’t, hasn’t killed anyone I know. But definitely get a bad reaction and it’s not pleasant. Vid chatting with my daughter and grandchild and seeing how desperate they are for air. Makes me sick, but my wife and I can’t help without putting ourselves at risk. It is a frustrating experience.

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Useless to think about 3rd dose when not 90% of population has not been vaccinated yet.

It us just about statistics and maths calculations.

3rd dose just raises the efficiency of vaccin for 10 to 30 % more for an already reduced spreader. Not a big deal.

While vaccinating unvaccinated or one dose only, you gain 30 to 50% and reduce one more potential spreader.

Please get informed by CDC or specialists, not politicians

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Japan has begun a study on whether it should administer third shots of the coronavirus vaccine next year, officials said Friday.

They haven't finished studying how to administer the first two shots, they have opened new studies on the 3rd.

Who can blame them, with a pathetic media, they are free to do as they wish as they know they won't be called out but may be praised for being caring of the populace.

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Japan studies ..." worries then, after a dozen meetings of a yet to be established new panel of experts and 12 months later when they finished " studying " they will start " considering" it. Maybe by that time most of us will be done with our first hurry, take your time Suga ( and whoever else will replace you after November ).

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Will get my second shot tomorrow, so will need a booster sometime in February of 2022.

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Double Pfizer’d but probably not protected more than the unvaxed due to chemo. Joined a Sept study to quantify antibodies, if any. A third jab next year may be too late given the current spread.

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Some of the most vivid lucid dreams I have ever experienced accompanied the 38.3 fever after my second shot. Still unpacking what I was directing and visually interpreting in these dreams....would love to get a 3rd shot.

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To be fair it does take 12 months for the ministry to actually understand the information given to them, another 12 months for the minister to find a way to escape any responsibility so I do understand how it works, so a study they will ignore rather than action, could take 15 years to happen. That’s how these dudes roll.

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Had my first pfizer jab last month, zero side effects. Although I think Im sure I already had covid once in early 2020, very unusual sore throat high fever for three days and complete body aches, doctor tested me for influenza and came back negative. That was due to a job I was doing at the time involving lining up with hundreds of Chinese with very questionable hygiene standards.

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Anecdotal accounts, mostly from individuals with a penchant for mithering, about 'reactions' to the second shot. Or the first shot. Not a typical reaction to vaccinations for SARSCoV-2. Though having a needle thrust into one's muscles (if you have any) certainly may cause later discomfort.

Pfizer and Moderna are highly effective. Also, 'work' against the variants in the ninety percent range.

Interestingly, Pfizer has yet to complete research as to the need for a booster shot and when.

The current government, that has done a less than worthy job rolling out the current administration of the vaccine. That allowed the Olympics to occur. That launched the quite mad, GoToTravel. Ignored again and again the science about the virus, is all-of-the-sudden qualifying itself to adjudge the use of a third inoculation. That is amusing. If it weren't such a 'deadly' undertaking.

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The dominant variants will be more vaccine-resistant by the time their "studies" lead to any policy. Then more months to prepare paper coupons. More months to distribute supply. This is a silly discussion. Yes, boosters will be necessary. Japan should be laser-focused on producing them domestically. It has the brainpower and money to do it.

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I read that the vaccine starts to weaken after 6 months so to be most effective we’d need the booster to be available as soon as January for people who were able to get early vaccines.

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I think they mean studying other countries doing it, while they finally give their first to the majority of the nation.

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Let’s be real, the end goal is to make it an annual or biannual thing.

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Judging by the number of infections in highly vaccinated countries like Israel, USA, UK will need boosters before next year.

The Russian vaccine is the only safe and highly effective vaccine. If Japan doesn't order it for political reasons, this nightmare will continue until herd immunity the old-fashioned way. That is, a very large % of the population getting infected and dying or recovering and gaining immunity for at least a few years.

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i've reserved time with the supercomputer next week to create an extrapolation model but for now, my hypothesis is that 4 is one more than 3 while simultaneously being two more than 2 but don't quote me on that yet.

these vaccines have basically become like signing a contract with nhk. even with no legal obligation to sign, once you do so, going back is difficult.

i wonder how long it takes for the immune system to revert back to normal for people who decide after two doses that they're not interested in a third. 

i guess we'll find out when the clinical trials are completed in 2023. 

pfizer has revised this clinical trial document multiple times. the first mention of a booster dose was on March 17. 2021, so they've known for a while. 

the dosage for pfizer is 30ug and moderna is 100 ug... but moderna raised their prices last week which means they're planning a booster shot as well.

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It sure looks like COVID is NOT planning on departing any time soon, so butter be prepared than sorry.

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Yeah, sign me up. My two were NBD. Whatever it takes to save lives and get back to normal because I'm so tired of it all.

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