Japan successfully launches spy satellite


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If you announce it, it's not covert enough to be "Spy".

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roughneck : you beat me to it! It's good of them to let everyone know, though. haha.

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"NK and China up in arms about Japan new spy satellite" newsitem in ...5...4.......3...

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@rough and smith

The US and any other respectable country also announces all their satellites. Theres a limited number of slots for satellites with their own orbits such that they don't go colliding with one another.

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NK next week, will claims it will launch a BIGGER and Better satellite than japan. ( I hope it will have KJU on board with a pair of binoculars )

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The Government should have announced as Military Communication Satellite instead of Spy Satellite. The Spy Satellite will make irritate China and N. Korea.

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MSNBC reported Japan did first civilian evacuation drill against missile attacks.

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Japan launched a new spy satellite on Friday, the country’s space agency said, as the region grows increasingly uneasy over North Korea’s quickening missile program.

Japan needs to do its fair share of defense, including intelligence gathering, and rely less on the U.S. in the coming years. It will take a strong, assertive, and largely independent Japan to take care of itself in East Asia and to eventually resolve long-standing territorial disputes with China, Korea and Russia.

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Japan does not call current satellite as spy satellite but N Korean movement has been spied. Haven't you wondered how world get any NK actions are leaked to UN and world?

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