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Japanese researchers develop briefcase-sized dialysis machine


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What a great invention! It's very convenient if it can be used not only for emergency but also for daily use.

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With a Japanese friend on dialysis, this is great news.

Japanese medical science seems to be very impressive. A few years ago, I started a new drug for a medical condition after having little luck with other drugs and this new one worked wonders. Turns out the new drug was also developed in Japan.

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Maybe the Chinese will learn to do so too, without stealing to copy.... the Japanese were once like that, but now they've advanced. The Chinese should learn to do the same.

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The Japanese have always been good at refining an existing process towards something that is very useful.

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as stage 3b CKD patient I am fighting having to begin dialysis which sound like a death sentence to me - this is wonderful news.

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Although many would have wondered when such a device will be available, it is coming soon. Well done Japanese medical scientists! This is a much better achievement than some countries with the largest submarine or the fastest hypersonic missiles.

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this is really an amazing thing that they have invented, it will also make things easier for many people around the world it will also give a chance for people who set in hospitals to go out with this machine and get some air. wish people could invent more medical things that can make things easier for sick people

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It is a wonderful invention. This invention may change the lifestyle of the patient.

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