Japanese team proves iPS-based cornea transplant safe in world-1st trial


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Excellent! Bravo!

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Well done indeed.

Much respect to them.

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Great day today. The first story I read and it is jolly good news. And it’s sunny outside.

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And all saw improvements.

This is good .

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Great news! Congratulations to all involved!

Here's hoping Japanese universities and corporations put greater emphasis on medical research and medical technology.

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Immunologically speaking the eye is a very promising field for trials of iPS cell based treatments, so it may be too optimistic to expect this to be followed by similar results in other organs and diseaes, but for patients with ocular diseases this is very positive. Even if the full mechanism of the treatment is not well characterized being able to have differences in the treated patients is enough to give hope to countless people affected and that until now had no treatment available.

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