Researchers transplant stem cells into brain to treat Parkinson's

By Adrian Leung and John Saeki

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First off.... lets us hope very much that this works because a lot of people suffer from Parkinson's. Now, that said, Japanese researchers and Japanese companies are constantly talking about new this and new that well before they've ever come close to market with it. Most times it proves to be just a bunch of unrealistic dreamers looking for some headlines. I looked at one of the articles regarding the Monkey test trials, in the article it shows the main researcher, Jun Takahashi, posing in a picture like he's the next Einstein.... that worries me. Too often these researchers that are looking for fame fabricate findings in order to get it. All of that said, I revert back to my first sentence.

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Japanese researchers and Japanese companies are constantly talking about new this and new that well before they've ever come close to market with it.

Yep, No other researchers or companies in the world would dare do such a low thing.

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Best wishes to them in their research, and a hearty bravo.

Also in the news these days has been a report that Parkinson's disease may start in the appendix, and that people who have had their appendix removed have shown a reduced incidence of that disease. Which leads me to wonder if removing the appendix in people suffering from Parkinson's might improve the condition.

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Great news!!

Most powerful Breakthrough and paradigm shift since finding L-dopa in Parkinson’s diseases.

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Good to hear progress is being made in the exciting use of iPS cells for treatment of a variety of conditions and diseases.

Having a close family friend - albeit an older woman - succumb to Parkinsons disease,  was a very traumatic experience, not so much for me, but esp so for her family. An otherwise energetic, compassionate, wonderful woman was slowly reduced to a less than shadow of physical herself, altho her faculties remained.

iPS offers hope altho as a common therapy, I believe it's days are still far off. In the interim, recent research on the positive properties of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of Parkinsons has shown promise. The following link on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health site -

Our friend Mrs G............, who passed away a few years back, may well have been saved years of anguish and her suffering somewhat alleviated by use of such. Medical authorities and the govt need to look more closely into this.

iPS offers the hope of a "Cure" which in itself is remarkable and no doubt millions will be waiting in anticipation of. Meanwhile the debilitating suffering of many of those millions could be reduced, esp when other drug therapies have failed by acknowledging the benefits of cannabis as a valuable medicinal product in the treatment of Parkinsons.

Many Parkinsons sufferers have attested to such.

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Hopefully, we are at a new scientific breakthrough.,,,,, for humanity!

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