Japan tests air for radiation levels after N Korean nuclear test


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Tired of hearing governments, especially Japan calling for 'tougher sanctions'... what more sanctions are needed to become an actual 'tougher sanction'?? someone grow a pair and get rid of NK

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Ha ! Will their detectors pick up the rads, spewed out by Fukushima, then officials declare, "it's not ours, it's Kita Chosen nuke" ?

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Time to make your Bahamas vacation plans before the war starts. This has been like watching a slow motion wreck, but it's clear where things are headed, and the resolution won't be quick or easy, I'm sorry to say. Sorry for my negative view. I hope I'm wrong.

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What do you think the Bahamas'll be like after the war starts? Kind of hard to hide on those little islands.

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CH3CHO: "If you do not know, the condition precedent of Koizumi-Kim deal in 2002 was that NK abandons development of nuclear bombs."

Which doesn't happen overnight, but the reneging of Koizumi's promise sure did. Why would NK keep up their side of the bargain when Japan went 180 less than that many hours? The right-wing was LITERALLY on Koizumi when he and the abductees got off the plane at the airport in Japan.

"It is apparent NK kept on developing nuclear bombs."

Ya think? Again, though, that wasn't apparent until long after Japan's very quick reversal, so stop trying to deflect. No one's denying NK never lived up to promises, nor do I know anyone who thinks they ever will, but to say it's all NK's fault Japan never lived up to its promises and did not further exacerbate the problem is nonsense, and you know it (and hence the deflection).

"It is pointless to say "Japan broke the promise with NK", when NK has no intention to keep its promise from the beginning."

Not really, when Japan is exactly the same. What would be pointless is to say it's one-sided. Japan never even bothered to keep its promises before making demands.

In any case, what do you think Japan can possibly do that it hasn't done already? The answer is zilch. NK has the upper hand completely. Obviously the condemnation and sanctions have done absolutely nothing to stop the tests, and as said the closest relations have come was through talks that did not include threats, sanctions, and the like. So, Abe's little speech is just going to fall on deaf ears.

Might keep the anti-base people quiet for a bit, though.

Moderator: Please give your Japan-bashing a rest.

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Sorry, but China and Russia will not roll over and let the U.S. tee off on North Korea.

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The People's DEMOCRATIC Republic of Korea and Abe's Liberal DEMOCRATIC Party in Japan have one thing in common, at least, they are both DEMOCRATIC.

Surely we can be friends?

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ironic they can likely release the results from these tests almost the same day but Fukushima radiation levels are a state secret.

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The Kim family will never, ever come around to join the international community - for the same reasons that cult religions take pains to avoid involvement with the community, even cutting off family members.

Exposure to the real world would be exposure to alternative ideas, and probably lead even the thickest people to realize that they are living in a giant cult prison. That's why nobody can get any real progress from Kim. His grip on power depends on isolation, however harsh it gets (after all, he will always be the last one to starve).

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Boyish behavior of North Korean ruler, need to be condemned and must be made subject to sanctions all over , even then that boy would not mend his ways, as he itches for large scale war.

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Abe said, “If North Korea did conduct a nuclear test, it is absolutely not acceptable, and we must lodge a strong protest.”

IF North Korea has launched a nuke or tested one in such a manner that there's a problem that concerns you enough to start testing the air, I'd say you're LONG PAST lodging a strong protest...

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Every time I hear about North Korea, all I can think about is that movie THE INTERVIEW. But it seems like after firing all those dud missile they have finally managed to successfully fire long range missiles ..

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Nuke > Towns and Cities Strong protest < Nuke

Abe take note.

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Good to see the government testing for radiation.

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Little Kimmy needs to be put over someone's knee. Teach the brat a lesson.

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If there are higher levels of radiation in the air of Tokyo due to the nuclear test, what could the gov. do to protect people?

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Interesting comment and i agree but this line could be relevant to many nations not just NY. "Exposure to the real world would be exposure to alternative ideas, and probably lead even the thickest people to realize that they are living in a giant cult prison. "

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If there are higher levels of radiation in the air of Tokyo due to the nuclear test, what could the gov. do to protect people?

If something happened in or near Tokyo, I expect the government would go apes**to and pour money and technology into fixing it.

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Good to see the government testing for radiation.

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They knew the result the same day. What's going on and why no report yet? Are they waiting for the US to tell them what the result should be?

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