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Japan tightens rules on int'l student enrollment to tackle malpractice


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Many more "students" use language schools as their excuse to enter Japan for work.

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Ask any of the skilled professionals or any white or even blue collar workers who struggle hard with academics and then their careers to pass through the many obstacles about such fake students who get an easy pass and they go “huh ?!?” Why did we go through all this struggle in life when there’ll be people who can just cheat the system. This tightening of rules should’ve been done long ago. Even now, just tightening the rules won’t be enough , they should be implemented steadfastly and ban the offenders.

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Now full of foreign combini "managers".

Some countries national to take over some business as Japanese have no clue about such illegal immigration, or better to say that international companies love developing countries cheap workforce.

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Tokyo university was found in 2019 to have lost contact with more than 1,000 students from abroad...............And what about about the other universities?.....But hey, it is only a 1,000 so far.

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'More than 1,000' doesn't look as bad as the reality in the third paragraph of actually more than 1,600.

This happened in London over fifty years ago until the rules were tightened.

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Japan tightens rules on int'l student enrollment to tackle malpractice

Japan wants more international students............but now they wanna apply more restrictions against them.

Japan wants more foreign laborers...............but make it super difficult for said foreigners to get the necessary visa and paper work to do so. SO, those students find loop holes and enter the work force, illegally.

Then Japan gets mad because those workers, are finding jobs?

No, it's because they can't get their income tax from under the table payments.

So what is the issue here?

Foreginers working illegally, because it's so difficult to get jobs in Japan as a foreigner?

Or Japan being hypocritical and ignorant? As usual?

Japan, you got international students coming in and paying to do so. You got your "foreign laborers" working.

What is the problem? Run with it.

Your P.M. and Aso definitely don't give AF.

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Every university, college, and vocational school in America has to be approved by the Dept. of Homeland Security's SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) to accept foreign students.

They must by law register these students and scholars on the DHS's SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) website and monitor them, updating their information and status on SEVIS periodically.

And every university and college must employ at least one principal designated school official (PDSO) whose full-time job it is to carry out the above tasks, from first acceptance till the student graduates or withdraws from the school. Most universities and colleges also have DSOs (designated school officials) assisting the PDSO.

This system was proposed shortly after 9/11 and put into law in 2003.

I'm surprised Japan doesn't already have a system like this. It should start one soon.

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Let me see.

Japan blocks foreign students/workers from third world countries with the new rules. The goal, I'm thinking, is to attract more foreign workers from "first world" countries?

That's not going to happen Japan, especially when a high-caliber foreigner have much better (twice even thrice) opportunities elsewhere. Low salary, low yen, language barrier. There's just no upside here.

Maybe they can get the anime lovers, but I give them 3-6 months tops before they feel unwelcomed and start packing up to go home.

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