Japan to ban drones near venues for 2020 Olympic Games


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I'd rather be annoyed with a mosquito than a drone.

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According to the drone rules already most of Tokyo is out of bounds for drones... which is why I don’t own one.

DJI’s website has the geo-zone map. Anywhere in built up Tokyo and surrounds drones are banned....

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You only have terror attacks if you kill civilians in other countries like USA, 250000 Iraqi civilians, or Frances fun in Algeria. Etc. in my recollection, currently japan doesn’t run around Willy nilly invading countries and killing people. We are a peaceful country. Drones are OK.

It smacks of protecting TV contracts. 75% of income generated from the olympics is pay for view tv.

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laws prohibiting drone usage arose be arenas already exists. This "new" law is unecessary and redundant.

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I’m curious if this will also apply to TV networks. Drone footage of sporting events is some the best footage, especially for rugby.

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