Japan to bolster patrols near disputed isles


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Probably see some exercises conducted there too by their newly formed Marine unit too.

If that don't rub the Chinese up, I don't know what will.

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The only way to show true soverignty over the Senkaku's is to have them inhabited. Light houses and harbours. Small local fishing fleet and if required a runway and defensive installations like the Chinese have done in the South china sea to back up their claim (though false) to ownership of the South China Sea.

As long as they remain empty/unihabited they will be a flashpoint. Once your there and established it is much harder to evict. A fact shown in the South China Sea.

Keep playing the current games and sooner or later you will awake to find China has moved first to inhabit the Senkaku's. Then you can start a war to get them back or admit defeat and lose them forever. Dont let it get to that. Move in first!

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Like the old saying, possession is nine tenths of the law (and a woman is the tenth!) so yes put personnel and assets on the ground.

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Amazing news! So happy to read this today! Senkaku Island is inalienable territory of Japan. Japan must put a small settlement on it, volunteer families, school, etc. And in future, military bases should be build surrounding the Island.

Under PM Abe, Japans security is being beefed up by the day. “Prepared for Peace, Ready for War” should be Abe-san’s motto.

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Go Japan!

Time to show them it's business.

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Build something on the Senkakus. A lighthouse, S&R station, McDonalds, an outhouse, ANYTHING.

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About time...

But, first get some people to live and occupy those islands... even if just a small military reconnaissance post.

Occupancy determines ownership.

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