Japan to conduct missile interceptor drills at U.S. bases


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Plenty of North Korean Missiles to practice on

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Let me guess, the tests will only work, if the Missiles fired originate from the US, and have homing beacons attached in order to help the defense systems target them.... I wouldn't be surprised it there was an actual truth there... take a look at the Israeli Iron Shield defense System as an example.

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Four prefectures already have. missile interceptor system underground somewhere. APC3. NKorea may target bases so they must be ready like Tottori children.

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It's simulation... It does not say wait to get real missile frmmN Korea. Ron,

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CNN news team is invited to N. Korea now.

Iwakuni already experienced alarm notice simulation a few days Ago.

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The practice to. avoid real attack is not odd. During WW II, in schools, students put hands on eyes and lied on ground in case B 24 came and drop bombs on school.

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