Japan to conduct tests for caregivers in 4 Asian nations this fall


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The way things are going.... with Japan increasingly becoming economically weaker, people from these countries may not want to come to Japan in the numbers they used to. Especially now that the U.S. is massively adding tariffs against China. With those tariffs on China, other countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, are seeing better economies.

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You are partially correct but please note that, most of all Asian country sourcing their raw material, spare parts, others component from China.

So, short term looks fine but in the long run none of Asian country will do well alone.

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Might want to start at home, given all the caregiver abuse of patients.

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So far 166 have passed the exams.

166 from how many applicants? The problem with this system is, they want highly skilled, educated and multilingual people for these positions, but they pay them peanuts and treat them like slaves.

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Might want to start at home, given all the caregiver abuse of patients.

If possible yes but this is a global problem, I recently saw an episode of Panorama on the BBC were they went undercover in a clinic for the mentally disabled where abuse was widespread and they did a similar investigation a few years ago with the same results.

I saw similar documentaries in my home country too.

Most clinics are understaffed and some people are just not fit for the demanding job of being a caretaker, unfortunately this leads to abuse in some cases.

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