Japan to deploy large patrol boats to guard nuclear plants


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I would love to know the brain-less folks who are in charge of putting out press releases like these? One of the most important things about keeping someone or something safe is to not publish just wtf steps you are going to take to prevent any incidents from occurring.

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How will these boats stop earthquakes and tsunamis from destroying the nuclear power plants? If I recall, the Fukushima tsunami took boats of this size and dropped them several kilometers inland.

Also, the government is quick to respond to IAEA’s request for more security, (money for the military) but it was molasses slow to respond to their request for more competent management (pouring radioactive waste into a plastic bucket, for example).

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The new ships could also be used to respond to emergency situations at nuclear plants in other areas

What will they do in an emergency? Sail up and down shouting through loudspeakers? That will certainly be a big help as the reactor core melts down. Besides, any terrorists would struggle to do as much damage as Tepco and their disregard of safety standards (and nobody jailed for it). Japan's "cover up, profits first" culture will ensure plenty more disasters without the aid of terrorists.

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laughing and rolling on the ground with this storyline...and check out the this comment: The coast guard expects the new ships will also enhance its ability to respond to North Korean boats engaged in illegal fishing, and to unidentified ships sighted off the central Japan coast, the sources said." The only unidentified ships sighted have ALL been Chinese but clearly labeled and boldly flying their flag..yet as on previous blogger put it, what are the Japanese going to do with these massive over expensive ships except throw water and blast their loudspeakers and horns....what a joke...Japan is weak and China knows this. It takes a bold leader to actually take real action against incursions into Japan waters and that is what China and other countries understand...look at Trump he is now looking a lot like Obama , hot hot blasting air with no punch...

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Is there any evidence of a group planning a suicide attack on a nuclear power plant? to obtain fissile material and escape by sea? Of it is just more corporate welfare at taxpayers' expense?

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Never seen a terrorist swim!

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