Japan to develop missile as tensions with China mount: report


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Here we go. This is China's gift to the world, an Asian arms race.

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The arm's race has been going on for decades and anyone that thinks it's something new hasn't been paying attention. Japan is already a heavily armed country with world class weapons and it has the necessary technology to improve it's weapons pretty much at will.

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They ought to just buy the same coastal defense system Viet Nam bought from Israel.

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This is just nothing but a publicity. We all know Japan already has this capability, and definitely more so for the US military stationed there. China hasn't cared then, why would they now? Why do you think they're sending ships in the area?

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It'll end in tears, I know it will.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

No one is talkig about the slow progressive arms race. We're talking about China's behavior after the PAC ruling. Causing Vietnam to react, The US is now moving B1s and B2 to Guam to join the B52s there. Now Japan. All the while China proclaiming that they are ready for war. Not a pleasant scenario at all.

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Yet being defenseless against a known threat is a sin that generates its own punishment.

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...all part of the pacific trade agreement plan. Going well, don't you think?

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the top-selling Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said, without citing sources.

Well, seeing as it's the right wing leaning 'gomiuri' , it's probably just a mouthy winger in an izakaya.

Officials at the Defense Ministry could not be reached for comment.

So nothing to corroborate this 'news' at all. Just sabre rattling scare mongering.

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It'll end in tears, I know it will.

Agreed, but no one is putting trade sanctions on China or standing up to them. It's a slow train crash. Their ploy is to cause an 'accident' around one of the islands, and use overwhelming force to secure a relatively low value area.

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We need to stop China now,not later.

11 ( +14 / -3 )

They don't need a missile. If they're worried about intrusions by Chinese vessels near Senkakus, perhaps they should beef up their own naval presence near those islands.

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Sad news. On such an important day. (AUG 15 End of war in Pacific).

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@Yubaru Is J making own. Instead of buying?

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Betting that China will move on Scarborough Shoal this October. Or maybe just before the election. It will be THE challenge to the Uniyed States.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

It's O.k. Japan once used arms to gain wealth, now, let them use the wealth to gain arms. One reaps what one sows. Karma.

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Japan will develop a new land-to-sea missile

land-to-sea that could become land-to-land by entering new coordinate....

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Will we ever learn?

0 ( +2 / -2 )

I almost get the feeling that Japan would like to confront China now... while the USA and Japan could quickly win an air war. Once that is achieved China could be bombed at will.... taking out power plants, bridges, factories, anything of importance. I very much hope I'm mistaken.

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@Alistair Carnell

At another news agency that actually covers this report it clearly mentions that it will be included within the 2017 MoD budget request. So NO, it's not what a right-winger said at a bar.

Funding for the new missile will be included in the fiscal year 2017 defense budget request and it will solely be developed and produced in Japan.

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land-to-sea that could become land-to-land by entering new coordinate.... just call it surface to surface missile as that what it is.

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Without going too technical, the anti ship missiles are a bit more sophisticated since they are able to track moving targets while land targets are usually fixed so you can just enter a coordinate and fire knowing the target will not move.

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To really deter the Chinese on the cheap, Japan should just buy Brahmos-2 hypersonic antiship missiles from India.

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Good news. While as an ordinary taxpayer I'm not very pleased with new military expenditures I'm also fully aware that only solid deterrent in the form of antiship missiles can prevent China from escalating its claims to the Senkaku. The Philippines can not back with miliary might its position in the territorial dispute with China and its arguments and protests are ignored by the Chinese. Protests are worthless, only military might can have the Chinese in check.

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Red suns

JSDF has already developed a hyper-sonic aerial launch anti-ship missile dubbed XASM-3 and is scheduled for live target practice this year before deployment.

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serendipitousAug. 15, 2016 - 11:54AM JST Will we ever learn?

Some countries have. "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed Monday not to repeat the horrors of war at a ceremony marking the 71st anniversary of the end of World War II .."

And some countries haven't. "China's defence minister Chang Wanquan has warned the military, police and the public to prepare for a "people's war at sea" as tensions over the South China Sea dispute escalated"

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JAPAN , in association with friendly strategic partners , should develop state of the art, modern missile systems incorporating cutting edge technology, for its own use and exports to promote peace , development , free trade and commerce in the region.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

A thousand missiles will not change the fact that a territorial rift in the Senkakus/Tiauyutai rocks very near the Taiwan Republic exists.

Japan's constant denial of this very fact which is akin to ultimate lying even to the Japanese people is the very reason of this current crisis.

Tokyo should accept reality and start a dialogue with Taipeh and not act as a bully to the Japan-friendly nation.

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Is this missile answer to N. Korea? While NK has been shooting IRS missile near Japan China has only mouthy talks.

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Hiro S NobumasaAug. 15, 2016 - 10:40PM JST A thousand missiles will not change the fact that a territorial rift in the Senkakus/Tiauyutai rocks very near the Taiwan Republic exists. Japan's constant denial of this very fact which is akin to ultimate lying even to the Japanese people is the very reason of this current crisis. Tokyo should accept reality and start a dialogue with Taipeh and not act as a bully to the Japan-friendly nation.

As soon as China declares that Taiwan is free to decides it's future through self determination. Let Taiwan declare itself a sovereign country. Tai[e and Tokyo have already reached an agreement whereby Taiwan can fish there. Taiwan is only interested in resource, unlike the territory stealing China.

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There is an old saying: good fences make good neighbors.

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Despite repeated display of bravery under the aegis of Liberty , democratic Taiwan have freely and directly elected their own Presidents many times despite the threat from China and snub and treachery from the USA and Japan who refused to give diplomatic recognition to the small but brave Island Republic.

Like you, both Washington and Tokyo choose to speak for Beijing while stabbing democratic Taiwan in the back many times.

Japan's choosing to have missiles instead of a need for dialogue illustrates the sad fact that people of today like you insults the people of Taiwan by siding with the principle of brute force instead of fighting for Taiwan.

Alas, this reminds me of the sad fate of my beloved Ryukyus which still is colonized by both America and Japan while the whole world looks the other way.

FYI, the PRC have not ruled Taiwan even for a single second and yet you insulted all the brave Taiwanese by assuming it is China who should decide for the Taiwanese.

By opting to employ missiles instead of dialogue it seems Tokyo is preserving a pattern of treachery to Taiwan which started when Japan sneakely cut off diplomatic ties with Taipei in favor of Beijing.

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Hiro S Nobumasa

Considering who actually controlled mainland China all nation had no choice but to choose PRC over ROC as the legitimate government. If Taiwan had written off their ambitions at that time and declared that Taiwan is an independent nation that has no relation with mainland China, then things would have been different.

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Thanks for your reply.

During that time there were 2 German republics, West Germany and East Germany.

Not to mention South VN and North VN and so on.

Today we even have North and South Koreas.

It's therefore unfair and out of principle for the USA to isolate Taiwan-ROC.

Now even Japan is bullying Taiwan because Washington still refuses to give diplomatic recognition to the Island Republic.

As a result Tokyo refuses to negotiate with Taipei on the Tiauyutai issue and is arming with missiles instead.

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