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Japan to develop missile-detecting drone: report


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Make a drone which can detect all stealth flights capable of shooting it. A clear NO to China.

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Better to keep it in secret like the Area 51. They will only accelerate military buildup with this kind of announcement.

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Anyone who's willing to see a war should really think again. Neither the Japanese or the Chinese are benefiting from a war. Why are there so many people from other countries so eager to stur things up? This is a dispute between two goverments. Their citizens are just being used to save their faces. Good folks in China and Japan really want to live in hatred and war? Any of their citizens are so evil that they should be dead in a war? People are unbelievable!

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We are living in an intense time and tough economy. None of these two goverments are willing to see a war. If they did, there should have been a war two months ago. People beyond these two countries, just back off and stop saying provoking shit. Go find an economy book and see how this dispute is affecting the global economy. It's only a matter of who suffers more, none is spared.

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Who is stirring things up kylebaby? They are the ones ready to come to blows over a couple rocks in the middle of nowhere.

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The defense ministry has demanded 3 billion yen over the next four years to develop the aircraft, which would come into operation in 2020, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported without citing sources.

Demanded? What's up with that?

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I suggested this idea on these forums about a year ago... shows just how behind the times the Japanese defense ministry is.

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Matthew Simon, Sorry I didn't make myself clear. Im not pointing finger to any particular countries. I just think that Japanese and Chinese people do really want to solve things instead of badmouthing each other. After all they are suffering right now. I read some comments before and just think they're not possible coming from any Japanese or Chinese, cause it's extremely clear that it doesn't help anything but worsen the problem. So it's reasonable to think that there are people who like Japanese or Chinese cultures are helping them in the wrong way. There are many reasons contries think they can benefit from the dispute of Japan and China. For example, selling them weapons, kicking China or Japan out and becoming the other's trading partners, making their own point about their disputes with Japan or China, etc. I just hope that they are 'defending' China or Japan out of their love of these countries.

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How fast do drones travel? I guess I have to assume they plan to keep them flying 24 hours in order to detecting a speeding missile that's already launched.

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I sure that missile-detecting drone can't be effective. Why would drone? Why don't analog of SBIRS?

I sure that Japan can build one satellite. That is enough for detect attack from China. But i not sure that China planing attack of Japan.

That drons and SBIRS can not help to Japan for solve Senkaku problem. Because China is the biggest partner of Japan and USA.

But if Japan need it for detect attack from NK so that is so funny! Because that is means that Japan like lose own money like for Aegis.

2 moderator: please, remove my post Nov. 05, 2012 - 05:54 AM JST

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This is all bogus news to keep DPRK on its ties but as the fact goes, THEY ALREADY HAVE DRONES, DETECTORS, COUNTER-MEASURES AND SATELLITES. This is fact. If you notice one thing about this article is that there are no details and it makes no sense because DPRK Internet censorship are always searching with hopes to find articles to make them feel ahead of the game. But actually they are 20 years behind. This is funny.

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Huh! Why advertised and let the enemy know. What a news...

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