Japan to donate AstraZeneca vaccines to Thailand


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Again, Japan gets rid of the Astrana vaccine through donation. It never donates Pfizer or Moderna

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This the same vaccine Japan doesn’t use after several European countries temporarily disallowed it?

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"Again, Japan gets rid of the Astrana vaccine through donation. It never donates Pfizer or Moderna"

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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It is obvious the Japanese government is not planning to use it anytime soon, still dealing with heavy lag while distributing the others vaccines available, it is much better that it is used when necessary than just sit in a freezer until it is expired.

Obviously it is donated to countries where Japanese interests are most important, but as long as people get protection the world in general is benefited.

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So this is why they approved it for use even though they have no plans to use it. Won't look good donating, or selling, vaccine you rejected

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@ian well, that's the same vaccine taken by the royal family of UK. So, it's fine.

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Taiwan was unable to obtain the vaccine due to interference by China.

The only vaccine that Taiwan had approved for use was AstraZeneca's vaccine.

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Many Thais do not trust Chinese made vaccines so this gives them a choice-hopefully

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67 people in Taiwan died after being injected with the AstraZeneca vaccine given to them by Japan.

Really? Sounds doubtful.

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They should donate it to Taiwan.

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What is the phrase? Three hearted, four faced?

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