Gov't to help retired SDF pilots' transition to airlines


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If the airlines are so concerned about a shortage of pilots and it costs THAT much money to certify the one's coming from the SDF, the airlines could very well cover the costs and get the money back through contracting the pilots for an extended period of years, like 5 years or so.

I also think that some of these "certifications" that this country has are WAY too expensive!

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The first lesson in the transition training is, don't drink and fly.

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How about cut down on all the unnecessary bureaucracy and fees if you all are soooo concerned?

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If 5% of pilots, or 325 people, are from the SDF, there must be more than one or two joining commercial airlines every year. If they work for about 15 years that would make about 20 per year.

Anyway, the airlines should know how many pilots they will need and train an appropriate number themselves at their own expense.

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Don’t drink and fly, drive, ride a bicycle. Piloting boats is OK.

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For many countries, military pilots retired and goes to fly civilian airliner is very common!

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