Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days


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I think 3 days were very short and not safe also 6 days, too. As someone said, these viruses can live on the surface of anything for 9 days at the longest without disinfection. There are 10 days to stay separate at least.

Now Japanese regulations are very incomplete. Japan should make more strict regulations to decrease corona. After the corona converges, they accept the people who want to come to japan more easily.

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natural immunity works

well you are right in a way, it does work, but the problem is you are inherently accepting that some people will a governmental policy, I don't think any government should hold such policies. This is why the idiot in No 10 in London got his pants pulled down by the UK media. Masks are a waste of time for people with no has been shown the world over, the number of wearers has increased and so does the number of cases. Mask wearing should only be for those with symptoms as a very basic and crude barrier to stop only the largest of infected droplets from proliferating. They don't stop the small ultra fine aerosols, which is why docs n nurses in hospitals still get sick, unless we are talking about industrial grade N95 and/or fully sealed hazmat suits. Masking up was purely an exercise in tamping down the public's hysteria, certainly in other countries....maybe not Japan tbf.

I would like to get an anti-body test, as I'm sure most of us have been exposed to it, perhaps even before we knew of a thing called covid-19.

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Yeah, missed that one, thankfully, lol

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Despite mass vaccinations and draconian lockdowns that caused untold suffering, Britain looks to be heading towards a bad place again.

I think you've missed the season 1 of "Boris and the pandemic management".

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@Reckless. Yes, It applies to Japanese Citizens.

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Despite mass vaccinations and draconian lockdowns that caused untold suffering, Britain looks to be heading towards a bad place again.

Just goes to shoe, Japan doesn't have a monopoly on useless, incompetent, corrupt government. This pandemic is definitely turning out to be an Olympiad of cr@p government. That said, fact of the matter is, infection rates in the UK are a fraction of those in Japan, and were on a downward trend until very recently. Fact: Japan is on the UK's amber list of countries, which basically warns citizens, don't go there (except Team GB of course).

Next fact, if the Japanese government is serious about controlling the Delta variant, they should impose super strict controls on all incoming travellers, of all nationalities (including Japanese and anyone connected to the Olympics). Then institute widespread community testing, tracing and isolation immediately.

Yeah right, thought not.

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That's going to make going home with kids impossible, oh well maybe next year.

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 Let everyone get infected,

I don't think any of those stupid govt officials you refer to is so stupid as to utter a statement like that

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Agreed. Should be 10-14 days, not 6.

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Considering the virus is known to have a 10-14 day incubation period even the six days seems pointless.

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None of these lockdown, quarantine, masking measures are effective. Its been how many months now? Just stupid govt officials who think they are doing good, when all theyre doing is keeping families apart and hurting businesses. Let everyone get infected, natural immunity works. And make the CCP pay for what they've done.

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Except, of course, if you are one of the 100,000 people coming in for the Olympics.

Yep, and they don't even need to be vaccinated! *see 'Murica

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Not if the entrant has a connection with the Olympics they aren’t.

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Despite mass vaccinations and draconian lockdowns that caused untold suffering, Britain looks to be heading towards a bad place again.

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So, even fully vaccinated people have to endure this prolonged quarantine?

Whats the point of the vaccine then?

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Japanese authorities do know that SARS-CoV-2 can survive on most surfaces for up to two weeks in cool dark places.? That means clothes, luggage, hair...smelly socks.

most cheaper range Japanese hotels are cool, dark places...

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Pot. Kettle. This nonsense will never end as long as we make decisions based on emotion and not on facts

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Yep.. And it's HK it's 14 or 21 days

Purely down to each country.

In the UK... Tests on day 2 and 8 with and extra on day 5 if you with to test and release and that's just from an Amber country. Same question @Ai Wonder!

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Why 6-days? In the UK, it’s 10-days.

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This is the first change for the UK since around New Year when the first 3 days in a Hotel were introduced.

Its quite simple. Correct test from departing country to board plane and satisfy Japanese Immigration. Test on arrival. Taken to Hotel. Test on Day 3, and then again a few hours before your 6 days is set to expire. If all negative, back to the airport and then arranged transportation home.

The apps you require have been simplified and they do check for the remainder of the 14 days.

I know people who have done this now, some on more than one occasion (3 days), a thoroughly miserable experience by all accounts. Some have posted diaries on line. Easy to find @zichi before you start picking holes in what I'm saying.

Sure there is plenty of reliable information down there from your buddies in Hyogo.

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But if you with the Olympics you get a pass.

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My home country has just 5 days for everyone who arrived with a negative test.

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The length of quarantine is the same, 14 days, however those coming from Britain, India etc will have to do the first 6 days at a state operated quarantine center/hotel near the airport of you entry. Amazing how many people cannot grasp this information.

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@Newgirlintown: This refers to the first 6 days of the 14 days of Quarantine that must be spent in a Government provided Hotel. Several states in the USA were also added to the 3 day list effective yesterday. Its a poorly written article.

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Travelers from the European country will join those arriving from other countries, such as India and Bangladesh, subject to an extended quarantine as Japan has been strengthening its border controls.

Except, of course, if you are one of the 100,000 people coming in for the Olympics.

No quarantine needed for you, even if you are simply private media, a sponsor, or an OC delegate from any of those countries with the "highly contagious coronavirus variants".

Apparently a credential linked to those 5 rings makes you immune to any local transmission.

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3 days now 6? Where did the J Government pluck that number from?

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I thought it was 14 days, that’s what I’d heard.

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Good move. At least the J-govt. recognizes there is a pandemic taking place. Extending the quarantine for an extra 3 days, which coincidentally is the number of additional vaccination sites that opened across the country yesterday.

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