Japan to give emergency aid to Lebanon after massive explosion


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I think the poor sods need all the help they can get.

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Three hundred thousand homeless. Mind boggling.

I think it would be helpful, with stories like this, if a site like the Red Cross or its equivalent could be included at the end of the article?

People can then donate to ease the hardships and misery, should they wish.

(Apologies if this has already been done in a previous story. But no harm in mentioning it.)

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Japan should not go that far. The country should be helped by its2 neighbors so that there would ve good bond. If Japan wants to help, help the Asian countries where there are now landslides and floods to prevent it from next monsoon disaster.

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The relationship can’t be that close if there is no extradition treaty.

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And people here Thursday said Japan doesn't care about Lebanon.....

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Heart is in the right place but japan has to follow the money to make sure it gets where it's supposed to go and not into the pockets of a few individuals. This happens in a 100% of cases

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Best wishes to all in Lebanon affected by this awful tragedy.

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What an abysmally small token gesture. There's a message in this that Japan is also sending Lebanon, in a very Japanese way...

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Yes, food, medical and safety gears are needed, but NO CASH because we all know where it will up, sadly.

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Lebanon, once a beautiful thriving nation now sits in ruins after years of abuse by it's elite s. I pray for the people of Lebanon, Love from Japan.

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Should people wish to donate, they can do so here

More here, which have been verified by The Guardian

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@Toasted Heretic


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