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Japan to go ahead with whaling despite activist threats


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I just want to know what's the point? Japan has so much food. We don't need to do whaling. I know it creates jobs. But its more of a pain in the ass than anything else.

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TO JAPANESE GOVERNMENT!!!.. . Are there no men in Japan anymore?... all Sea Shepard and eco-terrorists harassing fisherman and at Taiji should have their Visas revoked with a life-time ban!.. You continue to allow them to harass and cause damage to your ships?... have the JP coast guard sink their ships and if they are any survivors .. they should be brought back for criminal charges... stop allowing the eco-terrorists to come to Japan.. get a nice, sweet Motel room and harass the fisherman... ban them.. remove them!!!

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Also, especially when we should be spending money on reconstruction efforts. The backlash is just not worth it.

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It's Time it was stopped period its barbarik and if its not used for food then its for blood sport ...

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It's costing J-tax payers about 3 billion yen for the additional security of the coast guard. I wonder if 52% of the public feel that is money well spent?

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Whaling is not babaric, again it is cultural and we westerners need to stop imposing our cultural value on others.

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shouldn't the money be spent on the over 100,000 victims of the tsunami, there is so much other food.

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Sink the shepherd!!!

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

sammartha: "Whaling is not babaric, again it is cultural and we westerners need to stop imposing our cultural value on others."

Yup, those massive diesel ships in the Antarctic Ocean are an age old tradition! And if you actually believe that I've got a unicorn to sell you.

So Japan's going to go ahead with their program, fine. Let's hope SS goes ahead with theirs and gets in their way. The days of whaling are numbered.

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Once a common item on school lunch menus, whale meat can be found in stores and restaurants in Japan. But, because of its relatively high price, it is generally regarded as a gourmet food by the public.

My Japanese father-in-law for one certainly does not regard whale meat as a 'gourmet food'. As a school-aged boy immediately after the war the kids begrudgingly ate whale since it was then a cheap source of protein. Once the Japanese economy got going, whale meat, along with genmai (brown rice), were some of the first 'undesirable' foods to go.

Fast forward to now, and many (most?) public schools with cafeteria service serve it at least once a year as a means of 'teaching' the kids the importance of whale meat to Japanese culture. I wish they would stop using the school lunch program that way.

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So the Japanese navy will be escorting the whalers to defend them against the Sea Shepherd, I sincerely hope the only casualties will be the demise of the whaling industry

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@Darrin... yes that would be a great answer wouldn't it! Just murder the whale-slaughter protesters at sea! Well though out. Are you sure you are not a policy analyst for the Japanese government... or perhaps you work for that failed kiwi-speech writer who works for the ICR.

Rather than inflame the situation the Japanese need to take a break from their annual hunt for salable whale meat. The clever path would be a 4 or 5 year break (no one eats the stuff anyway so it won't matter) - then resume when the protesters have moved on to other things.

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Time to donate to seasheperd. I hope they can be as successfull as last year.

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"Operation Divine Wind" ... SS says. My guess is that means they are going to intentionally sink more of their ships on the bows of the Japanese ships. Afterwards, they will demand that Japan pick up the survivors and transport them back to Japan for trial... hoping that intentional suicide will deter the hunt.

Personally, I feel that the more that SS tries to resemble Al Quida with its terrorist/suicidal attacks, the more the Japanese will desire to eat whales just to spite them... Before SS, very few J-people cared about whale-bacon... They all told me it didn't taste good. But now, more feel that SS's attacks on their culture have encouraged them to retry the nasty stuff just to see what the fuss is about or to "stick it to Sea Shepherd" as one J-co-worker told me. Meanwhile nobody bothers China for its fishing practices...

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Japan should end the ridiculous Antarctic whaling, which is a spectacular waste of money and diplomatic own-goal. Nobody is fooled by the 'research' nonsense. Whale meat was eaten in Britain during the war, for example, when proper food was not available, and there are many former whaling ports around the world which have lost their traditional business (Lahaina or Whitby for example), but the world moves on. Small-scale coastal whaling may be a different story, though; more realistic to play the 'tradition' card there. So if a deal cannot be done on that within the IWF then Japan would be justified in leaving it and doing the coastal whaling anyway.

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Japan IMPORTS over 60% of its food and local production is down way due to Fukushima. Food prices are rocketing in japan as they need to be shipped in from new suppliers further away due to nuclear contamination.

The Hunt will go ahead and I guess many people will have a more critical eye on SSCS actions this Year. Anyone know how many of their vessels are still legal to enter the Area down south. IIRC, many weren't double-hulled, etc.

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I hope Sea Shepherd can successfully obstruct the whaling vessels and limit their catches.

To the hysterical types calling for ships to be sunk: please note that obstructing whaling operations, e.g. by preventing whales being loaded onto the "traditional" factory ship, is not necessarily violent or aggressive behaviour. If the Japanese wish to catch whales, let them do it in Japanese waters. Once they start travelling half way around the world they can hardly complain if citizens of other countries object and take action to stop them.

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What is the purpose of preventing them from loading already harpooned whales that are either dead or dying? Isn't the SSCS supposed to protect those same whales?

That one always confused me and how many whales that were not loaded died meaningless in front of SSCS ships?

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

" fisheries minister Michihiko Kano said that measures would be taken to ensure the whalers’ safety, "

Why the fisheries minister? This a research project, so should not the Ministry of Science be responsible? What does *fisheries" have to do with it?

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other countries protesting against whaling seems to reinforce public support for it here in Japan. The Japanese press and media often subtely presents the sea shepard as a "racist" group that is targeting the Japanese for wanting to maintain its cultural heritage. It's not like people here feverishly SUPPORT whaling but rather, they feel that they should have the freedom to exercise what they consider their right to engage in. (Event hough this "tradition" is largely invented and didn't actually become prevelant until AFTER WWII)

The thing that drives people mad are statements like these from the IWC annual meeting in June 2010,

"Our objective is to resume sustainable whaling for abundant species under international control, including science-based harvest quota and effective enforcement measures…we are committed to conservation and the protection of endangered species."

I think most people realize that really, protecting whaling is protecting "amakudari" post-retirement jobs for the elite. Whaling provides nice cushy cash handouts for high level retired bureaucrats.

Once again, blame the small percentage of elite old men who cause volumes of strife GLOBALLY so they can keep themselves rich.

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Wow, Japan starts whaling due to pressure from The US to feed it's peole after the war, and they still have a victims mentality, WTF does the help recieved from nations that oppose whaling IN THE WHALE SANTUTARY mean nothing? Whale in your own backyard like you TRADITIONALLY have done. Geez Japan your are a hard headed sook sometimes, good thing your rugby team is gone from NZ.

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yawn-this topic never goes away, only Australians could be such hima-jins. maybe the people up north who were fishermen, and jobs have been layed to havoc, could get new jobs fishing down under-it wouldnt even have to be whales-do you think that is possible?

-5 ( +3 / -8 )

Whaling is not babaric, again it is cultural and we westerners need to stop imposing our cultural value on others

Japan is imposing it's culture and values on the Antarctic...

Please stop this nonsense about the West imposing it's values... it is Japan that insists on grabbing beautiful animals from the furthest reaches of the globe... and for what? For a few oyajis in izakayas to smack their lips over a plate of whale bacon.

The Japanese love telling the world about their very important "food culture"... how on earth can a country claim a culture that stretches all around the world to include the beautiful and pristine Antarctic?

It makes Japan look very greedy and selfish on the world stage.

And don't forget all that gasoline they have to burn to get this huge fleet down there... resource grabbing, fuel wasting Japan... how wonderful.

Also remember, every single country closest to the Antarctic is opposed to this whaling.... count them... Chile, Argentina, South Africa, NZ, ,Australia... every single one is opposed.

Just ignore all those countries Japan... we know you don't care about what any other country thinks, even after so many countries have helped you after the earthquake and tsunami...

If you have to take whales Japan, take them close to your shores and leave the pristine Antarctic wilderness alone.

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There is no doubt the hapless J-Govt. is hoping this creates another international media storm. Then, the Foreign and Fisheries Ministers can claim once again that Japanese are being "persecuted" by the West, and the public here will turn their attention away from the criminal mishandling of the Nuclear disaster. The navy ship will cost plenty of taxpayers money - but arguably gain plenty of votes for Noda and his grubby govt.

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I would prefer to see these mammals wild and free in the ocean rather then on my plate

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What is the purpose of preventing them from loading already harpooned whales that are either dead or dying?

That's the tactic that sent the whaling fleet home early last season. Once a harpoon ship has killed a whale it cannot go after another until it has unloaded it onto the factory ship, so if SS blocks the loading gear at the back of the factory ship, operations come to a halt. The already harpooned whales cannot be helped, but it stops more whales being killed.

how many whales that were not loaded died meaningless

Last season, 172 whales died meaningless and often slow, painful deaths at the hands of the whalers in the Antarctic. Being loaded onto the factory ship and butchered did not make their deaths any less meaningless.

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I dont care if it's for amakudari-you can also call that karakuri if you want. It's the point that Australia wheels within Australia that it is about the stupid whales that annoys the crap out of me. I think a thank you note to ths SS as suggested by Farmboy would be neat cept for the wool being pulled over Australian's eyes. I hope this issue gets pushed to a point.

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Research whaling does not violate international law. Besides, it's done to protect the whales in the long run according to J Gov. Do you know what will happen if Japan stops whaling completely? The consequences will be devastating to the whales.The whole world knows there is a demand for whale meat in Japan. This demand will be met by an increase in illegal and wreckless whaling in other countries by rogue elements to supply the Japanese import traders for whale meat. Japan is actually preventing this from happening, thus the whaling continues. I remain neutral.

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If armed escorts travel with the whaling ships the Shepherd loonies may want to rethink their strategies. Throwing their butter bombs at a military vessel probably is not the best idea...also will be interesting to see trained military vessels corral the SS...the shepherd would be come the sheep. Like it or not Sea Shepherd has no rights to do these blatant acts of terrorism. Under what authority do they operate? Their own free will? The Japanese whalers operate under the laws of Japan and international regulations. the Shepherd are the wrong ones here. Whaling may not be right, but supporting the Shepherd is wrong. Hope they ram their boats into the whaling ships again and are arrested fro a long time.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

.The whole world knows there is a demand for whale meat in Japan

You have some valid points there, but is there really big demand for whale meat in Japan? Last I heard there were pretty massive frozen stockpiles of the stuff sitting around. I think all the world really knows whaling is principally used as a political tool by Japanese governments. Also, I doubt many small rogue nations would have the capability to go whaling in the Antarctic and be able to supply the meat to Japan - it is a massive and costly operation.

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whale meat is delicious....research is done in peoples stomach. Fetches good money too.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

The demand for whale meat is not as high as like 50 years ago, but there is a demand for it. As long as there is demand , it will be supplied.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

If there is a market for the meat then the hunt should go ahead we in the west shouldnt intercede with the hunt if sea sheapard wants to do some good let them count the kill and make shure the fleet Dosent go over the quota there allowed but from what I've seen on tv the sea shapards are an Eco trerroest group and should be treated as such.the first time they attack the Steve Irwin should be sunk and all hands that survive should be jailed.if the u.n. Was worried theyed have observers on the processing ship to count the kill.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

I am pro whaling as it is good food and legal.

-8 ( +2 / -10 )

make shure the fleet Dosent go over the quota there allowed

They aren't 'allowed' a quota, they decide for themselves how many they want to catch. It was their inability to kill all they wanted (because SS stopped them) that sent them home early last season.

And actually it was a good thing they went home early - it meant the whaling ships were on hand to transport aid supplies by sea when the land routes were blocked after 3/11. Lots of people in Tohoku have cause to thank SS.

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Knowing the Japanses they probably hired a rusty fishing boat with a bunch of ultranationalists to go after SS. I hope the "boys in black" are wearing thier life jackets!

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Yawn!!!! This topic pops up every month or so it the same comments are made. I'm against whaling but your never stop the Japanese bc it's more or less done to spite the international community and to keep the few wealthy individuals involved in their high chairs. It has nothing to do with tradition bc the last time checked, the Antartic ocean is not Japanese waters. Unforntutely we'll just have to wait until all the ojisans die off and the whaling industry goes bust.

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It just means demand is falling? Do you want me to eat it?

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Go Go Sea Shepherd!

3 ( +4 / -1 )

@nec123a... Why does the soveriegn nation of Japan need to change their schedule for a bunch of eco-terrorists???... as i said.. maybe you can't read..... Are there no men in Japan anymore?... stand up to thee bullies of Sea Shepard!!!

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Good statement JapanGirl.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

ok fact time in 23 years there have been 13,313 whales killed by all nations on the planet that's 579 a year.it's not like there tearing the bone out of them as we say around here so relax.oh and those are i.w.c numbers.whale hunting is like deer hunting you have to find them to kill them and it's a big ocean out there.am glad to hear the Japan is sending escort ships.do that need a deck hand? Call me I'm available.I'd love to see Paul Watson stand trail for piracy and attempted murder on the high seas

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How much "research" is needed and what are the results so far?

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Darrin There are no able bodied Japanese men to stand up to these people because it is not part of the culture anymore. Fact. It is a minor part of a culture, that has long since gone.

When, in 2006, the IWC passed the pro-whaling "St Kitts Declaration", two-thirds of the countries voting for it had received fisheries aid from Japan.

These 22 countries have together received 56.4 billion yen (about US $470 million) since fiscal year 2004.

While it cannot be proved beyond doubt that the Japanese government has used its aid money to get votes in support of its position in the IWC, there is a strong link between the votes for Japan and the aid money some of the members in the IWC received.

This is fact and when Japan does this it acts just like China. CRIMINAL. It makes voting ridiculous. I don't care who this posts bothers one bit. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And bribery is CRIMINAL.

I don't understand why Japan continuous to ask other countries to be sympathetic to it and its issues while completely ignoring how the rest of the world feels about the BOGUS SCIENTIFIC WHALING MALARKEY. When Japan does this it makes everyone in the world think that Japan thinks that the rest of the world is STUPID.

DO THE WHALING IN YOUR OWN WATERS. Stop traveling half way around the world to someone else's backyard to do whaling. THE JWC is supported financially by Japanese taxpayers yen. The ships that are aging are replenished through Japanese yen. And most of the people in Japan don't even eat whale because it is either not so often on the shelves or is too damn expensive to buy.

Furthermore, I really don't think that most Japanese are aware of the high amount of dangers chemicals that are even in whale meat. The JWC will not tell them any different. That is how much the JWC cares about its fellow citizens. It would rather you eat dangerous whale meat than go out and do other kinds of work.

Japan, if you want the world and your neighbors to honor and respect you, then don't travel half way around the world to hunt whales. Understand this/ You are disrespecting what the whole world except for you and two or maybe even three other whale hunting countries just for something that you don't even eat or need to eat. YOU want other countries to respect you. Then you need to respect how the rest of the world feels as well. You are not a planet. You are JUST ONE nation among more than 199. Respect is a two way street and every year that you let this happen you get less and less. That is sad but understandable. Whaling is not going to help the economy. Selling cars and stuff like that will. So, do you want to sacrifice what the rest of the world thinks about you for whaling which will not aid you in your economic fight for financial supremacy again?

Think about it. The world is not stupid. Consumers have a very good memory. When someone goes to buy a car and they see you hunting whales which they love, they just might pass on buying that car and go and buy a KOREAN ONE.

So, make the choice. Support an industry that draws the disdains of people most of the world over and influences people to not buy your products or show the world that you respect them the same way they want you to respect them. And above all don't go to someone else's backyard to do your hunting. Imagine if a European was off the coast of your waters doing something that your people hated. YOU would call them INSENSITIVE! Most Japanese would me mad as hell. You need to understand and respect how the Australians and the New Zealanders feel about you hunting in their backyard at minimum.

LIke my father used to tell me. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should! Respect others and how they feel if you want the same thing.

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The only research I see is simply, how can we continue to do whaling under the guise of "REsearch" and how much longer before people stop buying our products. That is all that whaling is doing. PROMOTING A NEGATIVE IMAGE OF JAPAN and if you support whaling than you are not thinking about the bigger picture.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Show me some research data. The only data that the JWC and the J-GOV are going to give us is that there are more than enough whales and that they are damaging the ecosystem of the oceans. WHAT OTHER RESULTS WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM THEM? Of course, they are going to say that. What able bodied people need to do is stop using the coop out excuse that it is a part of their food culture and realize that it is not beneficial to JAPAN. Think about things that are important for Japan and its future. Whaling is not one of them. Plus how about all of the money that the government spend to keep the whaling fleet going? Where does that come from? Certainly not from the whalers themselves. That comes from taxpayers. How about the additional money to send the whalers an escort? How many billion yen will that cost? Does it really add up?

Oh, and by the way all this talk about culture? Most people don't even eat the stuff. And I didn't know you had such huge diesel engines in early whale hunting days. YIkes.

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After decades of so called 'scientific research' & 'food culture' protection -- Reasons were probably legitimate & convincing in the 50's or 60's have now become obviously a political issue as demonstrated by Japan's assertiveness on this whaling program.

Put oneself in the whales' shoes ( fins ) ! A lovely animal's survival, already threatened by the increasingly polluted oceans, is further severely endangered by the absurd struggle among other gangs of greedy animals (human being).

An innovative & developed nation like Japan could easily replace the 'research' by other means & the whale meat could also be replaced by a man-made substitute. Other ideas including raising Japan's own whales via 'whale farms' ?

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Here is a link to a story in a newspaper that talks about Japan bribing IWc members for votes. Please check it out.


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Just donated on Sea Shepherd website.

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