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Japan to halt nuclear plants if anti-terror steps not taken by set deadlines


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There is no way Abe is going to let a little thing like a potential terrorist threat to stop his plans of restarting all the nuclear reactors in Japan.

This "new plan" is once again a lip service response to a potentially serious threat.

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Shut them all down now. Pay off the decommissioning. Get going to Green Energy before the planet dies...or the next Big Earthquake rips apart more nuclear power plants. Vote out the politicians who support nuclear, and yes, I am looking squarely at you, Abe Sorry.

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They obviously didn't plan for a tsunami? In a tsunami prone area, now scrambling to justify the lacking of protection of potential targets in a country rich in historical home grown terrorist activity. I'd face palm myself but as a foreigner can't vote it's totally on the locals.

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Whoever voted me down wants the planet to die, it seems.

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Prediction of massive power shortages in the future. The loss of atomic power and Iranian oil will put Japan in recession.

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Whoever voted me down wants the planet to die, it seems.

Not necessarily, Patricia. They may think that nuclear power is one way to reduce CO2 emissions. They may want the planet to survive and think that "Green Energy" is some pie in the sky dream.

I didn't vote you down.

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No brainer

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Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authorities already extended deadline twice and gave chance to power industries.

But Japan's power industries have demanded 3rd "extra time".

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Have the electricity companies even started the work yet, or were they just hoping to extend the deadline indefinitely? It appears lessons have not been learned from Fukushima at all.

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first at all,Japan’s Nuclear Regulation that has approved restart of nuclear plants despite no anti-terrorism facilities is irrational.

besides,Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Committee has already loosened operation time limit of nuclear plants from “ 40 years as principle” to 60 years.

Such they say “stop nuclear plants as principle” but will yield to political pressure again.

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