Gov't to help middle-aged socially withdrawn people find jobs


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What about people in their 50s and 60s? Especially in Japan, that age cohort deserves similar attention. Or is that wishful thinking for those whose lives could be immensely improved with a little job-hunting support? Too much to ask, I suppose.

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I know a lot of these people. The number one problem is that mommy continues to treat them as an elementary school child. Let those parents pay for the program instead of the tax payers. Sick of seeing spoiled lazy people get a free ride off tax payers. As for those with real illnesses, happy to help you out.

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More meat for the grinder i guess.

If Japan really wanted to improve things for workers and the economy they would introduce performance based pay, have a more fluid job market and raise wages.

Who the hell wants to go out and work for a slaves wage with no opportunity for career development.

Even if you get a job where you can progress it doesn't matter how good you are just how long you've had your ass in a seat for the same company and how much profit adjusting you will lie about with the rest of the yes men.

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The govt can only do so such. It cant reverse deep seated psychology engendered since early childhood.

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Laudable sure, but take even a portion of the 230,000 people in one cohort stated, and the Japanese economy can't put them anywhere

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Yeah, help them find a job. What a great idea! It's much easier than finding out why so many people are agoraphobic and offering them counselling for their mental issues, isn't it? Just get them a job. That'll fix the problem, NOT!

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Counselling is a great idea - it may help one prepare to get back in the workforce.

It's very easy to be come withdrawn.

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Yeeks! I read the headline and it scared me so I’m commenting and running.

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A million people between 15 and 44 suffering in some kind of delusional and/or agoraphobic state and the government's solution is to help them get a job? Mind you, this number is only those who have been diagnosed, so it would be safe to conclude there are another 50% of undiagnosed cases. That's around 3% of that demographic, which is about the same as the unemployment rate for the same demographic. Hmmm?

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Question is, are they competent enough to hold a job?

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@Wallace, I just don't think competency is a consideration. If ever a hikikomori man is hired, his rate would surely be higher than a woman worker's rate who has been ahead of him in a company.

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The 50’s and 60’s are already expended material that is how the job market

views anyone above 50 looking for a job and the government also shares such

a view.

yet we are reminded daily how there is a labor shortage.

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Ah, the joys of being a certain age. All the experience and wisdom but nobody wants to know.

Make way for the next generation. They know best.

Might as well get my bags packed for a trip to Dignitas.

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@Dr. lucifer, I just feel that the so called labor shortage is fake to give reason to procure foreign trainees. Full time housewives and the NEETS, and the retirees who are still able to work can be tapped. All the companies have to do is to map out plan and skeds to suit to each one's lifestyle. Hard work at first, though.

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I wonder if, for the time that they are jobless, they create a sole-trader type of business, and say in an interview, that it simply didn't work out as they had expected.... whether that would be a good option ?

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