Japan to host nuclear safety conference in Fukushima Pref


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The Japanese attendes had better take plenty of notebooks and pens, keep their mouths shut and listen.

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Oh, my goodness! The irony of that headline nearly had me rolling around the floor laughing! I wonder if the conference will discuss, honesty, openness and ethics as part of their nuclear power safety guidelines. I can't stop laughing! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...........

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What a debacle! How about the evacuees?Many of them are living in poverty whilst an international conference is being funded in Japan for a chin wag?

Who is behind this farce?

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As long as they are this close to the center of the main attraction, I hope all the conferees will leave Koriyama City and motor the 60 kilometers to the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, then discuss safety issues while breathing the air around the plant. A first-hand look at the problem is better than sitting in a warm conference room and looking at everything on video.

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They should have the conference at the Daiichi plant, they would certainly get some glowing reviews I am sure!

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I'd love to go but I'm attending a navigation and GPS conference in the bermuda triangle, after which I'll be heading over to China to attend a freedom of speech conference.

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How many folks are not going to go because of fear of their health? And indeed, those that do attend, Japan shut up, sit down and listen to them.

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I can't believe this, headline sounds like a comment on 'Have I got news for you'.

No way !

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They must be kidding. As a former resident of Koriyama, I can honestly say this is insulting to the people still there.

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I agree that holding such a conference in Fukushima is very insensitive... what were they thinking?

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This is truely too little, too late. They had there chances since the Tokaimura accident in 1999.

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Now, I know that Japan wants and likes to try and host everything international under the sun, but they are really pointing the gun at their feet on this one and seem pretty ready to shoot. Are they quite aware that they will be asked about the outdated systems at Fukushima? TEPCO's past scandals? Why there have been 'shady dealings' in terms of hiring people to do clean up work? Questions about evacuation and lack of precautions?

My guess is they won't last past the introduction before getting all defensive and saying they don't need foreign input.

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The talks will help the international community share “knowledge and lessons” gained from the Fukushima disaster...

How about inviting the victims to talk about their experiences with nuclear power?

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I hope the local displaced people will be given a chance to speak their views on the issue......I conference participants will also visit the no.4 reactor, rumoured to be exploding anytime.

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lesson number one..............thou shall not lie

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High-level officials, including government ministers, from more than 50 countries and organisations are expected to attend the meeting from Saturday to Monday, a Japanese foreign ministry official said.

Read more: (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

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Bring in the people still living in shelters for the buffet and have a chat with them on how that nuclear power is working out for them...

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As a conference addict, I have to share an uncomfortable secret about conferences. After a conference there is invariably an unstated general feeling that the presenters and their audience had made the world better by having talked the world's major problems to death. I suspect this will be the case with this conference. A lot of earnest talk, a lot of exchanges of knowledge and lots of lessons learned, as if the disaster area is some kind laboratory and its victims so many white mice. No doubt resolutions will be passed and the participants will return nursing their hangovers and satisfied that they had done something meaningful when nothing will change until nuclear power is scrapped.

We have had conferences like this before. We will have them again after the next inevitable nuclear disaster.

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I have presented the Nagasaki data in two international conferences so far, about Dangers of Low dose radiation including cancer which starts to appear 10 years after exposure and peaks 40-50 years later. I was told about a high level meeting where US politicians asked Japanese partners not to emphasize on radiation risks because tehy want Japan to stay nuclear powered to balance the nuclear capacity in East Asia.

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