Coast guard inspects drifting boat carrying 10 North Koreans

By Mari Yamaguchi

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What a gap between modern weapons of ICBM s and nuclear bombs and decrepit wooden fishing boats drifting in rough winter seas off the coast of Japan arriving one after another. I feel indignation about the government which let fishermen do such a cruel thing. This is a sign of beginning of the fall of Kim regime. The regime is corrupt. The world should not help continue the regime.

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US sanctions are inhumane and drive ordinary citizens to desperation.

Little Dumplin' is taking food from his peoples mouth to build a nuke or more likely several nukes and you blame it on the US? Posts like yours are just troll poop.

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Those NK drifting guys are much sensitive than the top leader dictator of what will happen soon in their country.

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SchopenhauerToday 05:27 pm JSTWhat a gap between modern weapons of ICBM s and nuclear bombs and decrepit wooden fishing boats

Indeed. Seeing wooden fishing boats like this, or the health condition of the NK soldier who crossed the DMZ, and the extent of advanced military equipment NK proudly shows off to the world clearly shows what their Song Gun (Military First) policy is all about.

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As long as seeing many capsized or drifting fishing boats all over off the coast of Japan, it seems that much more boats which no one knows could have been capsized in the middle of Japan sea. It is so sad about their fate.

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Perhaps it's because Wooden ships avoid detection, other than through line of sight.... ?

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What's being trawled underneath the boat, is perhaps more interesting..... Uber Nuke delivery service

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Hopefully, they will be allowed to stay here in Japan and have a some type of decent life....

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We've been getting many of them in the past couple months.  I hope this is not the beginning of their country collapsing all of a sudden.

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