Emperor Akihito, right, and Crown Prince Naruhito wave to well-wishers from a balcony at the imperial palace on Jan 2 this year. Photo: AP file

Japan to invite guests from 195 nations for enthronement events


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Some media were reporting that Trump would be the first official to meet the new Emperor. Is that still true (was it ever really true)? I can't find recent information about this.

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Just saying......I don't have any plans for that date.

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Are they inviting Kim Jong Un?

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So guests from 195 countries are okay, but female family members are not!

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Inviting Kim would be a good move!

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Ooh ooh, pick me.

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BelrickToday  08:02 pm JST

“So guests from 195 countries are okay, but female family members are not!”

You are mixing up different events/rituals.

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I highly doubt they will offer an invitation to Kim, considering Japan has no formal diplomatic relations with North Korea. As the article mentions, the invitations are being sent to 195 nations that Japan recognizes.

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Are they inviting Kim Jong Un?

A bigger question is if they are inviting South Korea, which is as hostile to Japan as the North. If so, do they accept the invitation? If they accept the invitation, what do they come to Japan for? I fail to imagine a picture that the Korean cerebrating the new Japanese Emperor.

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Sorry: should be "celebrate"

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Well..I hope that they also will invite Dr Mahathir as a guest because Malaysia have good relationship with Japanese government..

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Add that to the bill for the residents of Japan to pay for.

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I hope no representative from my native country does a ceremonial bow to the new Head of State. No disrespect intended.

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Bread and Circuses

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Cake will be served?

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A bigger question is if they are inviting South Korea, which is as hostile to Japan as the North....Korean cerebrating the new Japanese Emperor.

I concur about hostility, and would add that the SK president is putting politics way way ahead of regional security, dumb moves.

I think Japan should invite SK's president so other head of states can rip into him after a few sake. Seating arrangements would be interesting too, perhaps next to Xi, Putin, Modi, Khan, Suu Kyi, Bin Salman Al Saud.

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I would hope there is not a WW3, but things happen because of stupid people in power who fail to do what is right.

Personally, I think Japan is not alone in going unilateral, and given the pre-eminent supreme power of the world going AWOL on leadership, and the other (rising supreme power) going all nationalistic with Chinese characteristic (read thug and thieves), seems prudent.

Everybody is nervous and either re-aligning like Germany, Philippines, or shoring their own front yard like Japan.

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195 states or nations.

So that should give the answer to some questions.

Since there are 195 states or nations in the world today, all will be included.

(at least that's what the internet indicated when searching)

Kim, Putin, Trump, "Abe" and so on.

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I have a feeling we won’t see many heads of state, but their second in command, or ambassadors will be present. Most of the other royals will send a representative, no way Elizabeth II is winging it to Tokyo for this shindig. Maybe William, or Charles.

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You are mixing up different events/rituals

Not at all.

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