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Japan to loosen part-time work rules for foreigners stuck due to pandemic


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Let them work 40hrs a week. Except from insurance and all the other exhobitant taxes. Then when they can go home and tell everyone how beautiful Japan is.

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will I be allowed to do Uber Eats and other baitos not permitted by my engineer visa...I wonder...

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"If they wanted to do it right, they should grant them permanent resident status."... lawyers ironically?

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I have already planned my escape...too late now!

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Many already broke that rules, and when known from the authorities, they were not allowed to renew their visa, this is valid for this technical visa. As the results, they had to leave Japan, resulting in less labor force.

The government does a favor, but needs these foreign workers.

Rules related to technical or skilled workers have been strict, not allowing to change job or work in a different field during the period of the visa.

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While temporary, the measures - which take effect from Tuesday - are a liberalization of labor curbs on foreigners in an aging economy suffering from huge shortages of workers but where the ruling party has been reluctant to embrace a full-fledged immigration reform.

Good gracious, huge labor shortage even in this pandemic, was this article like many others churned out by some computer program, with all the bankruptcies, voluntary retirement, how is it possible that the labor is huge.

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"It's better than nothing, but these people will not be eligible for either health insurance or welfare support.

That is nothing.

Just let people work. Since, theres a "labor shortage" and an "aging population" problem that seems to never be solved.

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Wow most of these highly educated people with degrees in all sorts of things and they wasting away can now use their superior intelligence 28 hours a week, delivering uber eats and some other meaningless thing like teaching eikiwa or what ever.

But then I guess it shows the bar for highly educated and intelligent is set very very low isnt it going on this.

Permanent residency for someone who has been here short term c'mon man it took most of us years to get PR its a badge of honor so dont just now throw it around like some cheap meaningless degree.

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Japan doesn't need them to work that much, they are taking jobs away from the hard working young people of Japan and giving it to foreigners.

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Quote '' There are people who are married living here for years without permanent residence yet and we should give it to the students just like that?''

Yes we should. If they are good citizens, work hard, love Japan then we should take notice and help those people stay if they choose to do so.

Not everyone can marry a Japanese like you did, not all foreign citizens should have to follow your path to stay in Japan.

Selfish if you ask me, and I'm not trying to come after you either.

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Truely inclusive (?)

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There is never a labor shortage, but of course a payment shortage. For example you could engage the whole population in Tokyo area to collect thrown away garbage from Japan’s highways, smaller roads , woods, beaches...but it’s not a producing, gain generating work and nobody will want to pay for it. But the amount of work is really there, visible, disgusting and dangerous for environment, drinking water and so on. That’s only one example of countless...

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PR in Japan means that you enjoy less rights than a Chinese tourist

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It will be good if Japan doesn't depend on foreigners even with labour shortage and reduce unemployment from 3.1% to 1% instead using some form of state government tracking policy.

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28 hours per week @ 800 yen per hour is just enough to afford a riverside blue tarp mansion.

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I read this

they should grant them permanent resident status.

as permanent "resident status" and not "permanent resident" status. The measure is to give temporary "resident status" for the affected foreigners and the lawyer suggested to give permanent "resident status" which is a good suggestion in my humble opinion.

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