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Gov't to help arrange substitute nurseries after COVID closures


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The Japanese government will provide financial support to help local governments arrange substitute facilities to look after children if their nurseries close due to coronavirus infections, the health ministry said Tuesday.

Finally government step up to provide nurseries for average people.

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Our nursury closed last week for 7 days due to a sensei getting covid and interacting with all children. I had to take 2 days holiday out of my meagre 11 days per year as did my wife as we have no family in Japan to help. If this happens again then soon all my yearly holidays will be gone, will be a great year to look forward to with no chance to rest and go abroad and see family. At the time I said to my wife why didn't all the other teachers take the kids to a different nursury for those 7 days instead of sitting on their asses doing nothing for a week. I'm glad they jgov finally realized this however I'm not convinced this system will be in place fast enough given the glacial speeds things move here.

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I highly recommend you take that to your local labor office if your company or boss has used it against you.

You should not use your holidays for Corona related illnesses.

Its unethical and actually not suppossed to happen.

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I was at a kindergarten yesterday. I would say an average of 2 kids per class had on masks. It isn't happening.

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Due to the lack of leadership, the day care centers had to close down. Now, the lack of leadership wants to help. Give me a break.

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How dare teachers and children get sick, as it makes it difficult to continue our social and economic activities! What a joke of a statement - get back working and continue spending money as the economy needs it. Hope families can take time off work without getting penalised for it financially or emotionally.

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Let’s review: More infections, more closures, so, more money to local govt while funneling the kids into a lesser number of available facilities without sufficient staff to care for all.

And the cycle repeats.

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This is dire straits for Japan’s ‘working poor’ parents & guardians. For perspective to the Tues record of 777 closures in 43 prefectures, news reported a “Record 327 daycare centers in Japan shut due to pandemic” on Jan 25, 2022.

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A reminder from PM Kishida’s Oct 8, 2021 Policy Speech at the opening of the 205th Session of the Diet:

“I extend my sincere condolences to all the people …I also express my profound gratitude to the many people providing the support… and the members of the public. I am resolved to invest all my heart, mind, and strength to overcome this national crisis together with the Japanese people,... It is against that backdrop that I was recently designated as the nation’s 100th prime minister.

“We will also provide support for families with small children.”

We will promote support for child-rearing by preparing childcare arrangements, strengthening cooperation among day care centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools, and expanding the after-school childcare system and preparing the environment for it to be used, among other initiatives.

We will examine what government administration should look like from the viewpoint of children and make that a reality.The third pillar is increasing the incomes of those working at facilities providing medical nursing, elderly care, childcare services and the like. 


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Question: why wasn't this thought of and implemented two years ago when the pandemic first started? Oh right, we're talking about Japan, a country run by a government that only reacts after the apocalypse hits the fan. Siiiiiiigh....

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the ministry also temporarily recommends children at nurseries to wear facial masks when possible, although it does not unilaterally require them to do so or recommend it for those aged under 2.

masks are not good for young kids physical, mental or psychological development.

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This is stupid. I don’t even think I need to explain why.

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masks are not good for young kids physical, mental or psychological development.

In what evidence do you base this statement? Masks in general are not recommended for children but that is because of safety and efficacy issues (small children being unable to use masks safely and in an appropriate way) But there has been no development problems described associated with use of masks in day care.

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We call masks face panties in our house and our kid laughs out loud and puts them on. No issues with physical, mental issues. If so I would say there is a bigger problem than a 3 layer piece of paper and elastic ear loops hindering the kid.

you can draw art or faces on the masks and make them an art project.

superheros always wear masks!!!

viva tiger mask!

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In what evidence do you base this statement?

numerous studies, although not long term studies obviously. Try starting with The Lancet and BMJ. It is a little hard to find information but if you persevere there are many ongoing studies.

younger children need full facial recognition of primary caregivers expressions.

physically and mentally, the human brain and body requires oxygen as they are very active.

I forgot to mention health risks. The majority of child mask wearers constantly touch surfaces, touch their masks adjust them then rub their eyes.

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Previously, individuals had to obtain confirmation from their employer that they were allowed to take special leave over such closures, but there were cases in which they were denied.

Employee:Hey boss, I need to take care of my sick infant at home.

Boss:Get back to work!

What a great society Japan has…

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