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Japan to require firms to expand support for employees with kids


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enhance support measures for employees raising children, including facilitating more flexible use of teleworking and shorter working hours, as part of efforts to combat the country's declining birthrate.

Should be done 15 or 10 years ago but at that time JGovt was busy convincing people that Olympics will solve all problem that Japan has.


firms will be obliged to allow them to choose from two or more work style options, such as working from home and shorter or staggered work hours.

Like everything in Japan, it's only nice on paper, don't even try to ask employer for this. Otherwise it will lead to demotion.

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How about, National Holidays must be respected by companies because the schools are closed. Stop using company calendars that do not respect National Holidays and leave kids at home with no parental supervision.

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If it's for the kids, in any country, I'm for it. If it helps the working parents, that's good, too. It isn't about increasing the birth rate for me, it's about giving the kids the best chances we can. Happy parents don't abuse their kids, they nurture them. And they should be nurtured. BigP is right, too. Making families have a hard time is just not good money sense anyway,

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Yeah…….we’ve heard all this song and dance before.

How about getting some results for once?

Until these companies are seriously punished in some way, nothing is going to change.

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Or they could try a just simple but very efficient solution that doesn't require too special treatment for specific people. And that is, not doing unnecessary overtime. Do overtime when on a deadline but other days, they just work.

Done. It's so simple and yet, such a mind blowing sci-fi thing in this country.

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How about giving more to family by large reduced taxes and even more for 3 or above children ?

Otherwise money earned is given back anyway.

Anyway if parents don't want to take care of their children, it is because there is not given respect to that role. It should be lauded rather than the opposite where working hard (hahaha) until late is seen as standard practice.

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I'm sure this will go over well with workers who have to pick up the slack without any extra pay.

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Japan already has good labour laws. Just needs to enforce them. Once again needlessly complcating thing.

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