Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima


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Regular meetings of the panel had stopped nearly three months after Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) admitted it had not managed to completely remove potentially dangerous radioactive particles from treated water held in tanks.

So what else is new?

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Isn't this supposed to be "Under control"?

Jp govt is AnBElievable.

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A panel of experts will meet on Friday for the first time in eight months to consider options to get rid of the water, Japan's government said in briefing documents it released.

I think this should state, “A panel of bureaucrats will decide on the best way to sway public opinion as they decide on the cheapest and easiest way to dump this water into the pacific.”

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They've been doing nothing for 8 months?! What a shocker. Wake me when there's actual news.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

Been doing nothing since the start...

7 ( +8 / -1 )

How about giving each visitor to the Olympics a free bottle of Eau de Fukushima to take home as a souvenir? They'd probably shift the lot then!

7 ( +9 / -2 )

A panel of experts

Zeus help us all!!!

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Japan is resuming efforts to disperse a build-up of contaminated water at Tokyo Electric Power's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant

Why would they have stopped? Especially given that they tried to get people to move back.

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This is the way of the future folks clean power aren't you happy you don't have any dirty coal pkants

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And so with news like this, exactly how was Olympic softball and baseball supposed to reinvigorate the Tohoku area? What happened to the news about the leaking tanks? That coverage kind of "evaporated" in a few months...

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But because of missteps such as last year's admission that it had not removed everything except tritium from the tanks, 

Misstep? Nah. The word you're looking for is duplicity

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The tanks were replaced by newer ones, sorry, saw that after I posted. Hope they are typhoon and earthquake proof.

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Like I said shortly after 2011, this water WILL end up back in the ocean, either by the hand of man or mother nature, only time will tell which it is!

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Nuclear physicists of the world are responsible to come up with a solution for this problem. Until then, Nobel Prize will not be given to them.

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Have a nuclear village with water for plants, homes, schools, and swimming pools is from the nastiest of the tanks, for the families of the politicians and engineers and managers who put us in this Faustian Bargain.

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"A panel of experts will meet on Friday for the first time in eight months to consider options to get rid of the water"

Seriously? It's been 8 years since the disaster, and we're still working at a snail's pace to "consider options"?

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You are busy about this coming Olympics.. How about us the evacuees.. You are not doing your obligation to pay us the compensation.. Ashamed on you !

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Certain type of crowd always gets drawn to this type of articles with something bias or negative to say.

-10 ( +1 / -11 )

Dear Japanese government

This problem can not be manipulated with hiding!

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Before you proceed anything else you have to finished your obligation to pay us evacuees the compensation!Fulfill your pledges to us evacuees... Tepco!

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A panel of experts will meet on Friday for the first time in eight months

I wish I could not turn up for work for 8 months and still get paid. Like everything the Japanese bureaucracy gets its snout into, nothing happens for as long as they can milk our tax money for, then it's regrettable that the cheapest option costs way over the market price, and all the amakudari get a slice.

And we have to swallow a tax hike because there's no money.

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It is interesting that 'getting rid of'.... indeed all the solutions are a 'getting rid of': dispersion into the sea (as suggested by somebody they could bottle it and give one of them to each Olympic visitor), injecting it into the soil (I wonder where it goes, when it does not become a tritium enriched onsen), vaporizing it (because radiations and chemicals do not fly with steam, right?). These guys are so bright...

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So, they stopped for a while? I thought it was all under control, as they stated both immediately after the disaster and then when they bilked the disasters for the Olympics.

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At nuclear sites around the world, contaminated water is treated to remove all radioactive particles except tritium, a relatively harmless isotope of hydrogen hard to separate from water and released into the environment.

So what’s the problem? Canada has three CANDU plants that release this stuff straight into Lake Ontario.

Another empty contents that doesn’t math the headline.

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Options? 1. Evaporation: contaminate the air we breathe. 2. Deep in the ground: Contaminate the earth we use to grow our crops. 3. Dump in the Pacific ocean: Contaminate another source of food and risk changing the Eco system of the ocean. Perhaps ocean warming?

Who said Nuclear Energy is save, cheap and clean?

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Nuclear-contaminated ground water keeps welling up and flowing, and they are to keep installing rows and rows of containers like those seen in the picture. But will they be able to contain the water flowing? And when? Nobody knows

Some critics say building nuclear power plants is like building houses equipped with no sewage systems, for with today's technology there's no way to dispose of nuclear waste. How would the poor house owners deal with the sewage?.

The bottom line: Japan must scrap its energy policy of too much dependence on nuclear power plants .

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Like saying....

"The car crash is uner control"....

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You are very knowledgeable. The article says tritium is relatively harmless while the other radioactive materials can be processed or neutralized and become harmless?

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Thanks for the info.

First time we came to a happy mediums with this issue.

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But because of missteps such as last year's admission that it had not removed everything except tritium from the tanks

Wait - they removed the harmless, but difficult-to-remove stuff, and left all the deadly stuff in there?

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Thank you very much. We want deep knowledge.

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It should be clear by now that Tepco can't be trusted on their mediocre performance in dealing with the fukushima incident.

Time to get independent unbiased people taking over the site and operations.

Tepco's role should only be limited to financing the debacle.

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Probably dump it into the ocean the day after closing ceremonies

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Open them up for both evaporation and some limited release.

One third, one third, one third. Keep the bottom one third with the sludge in the meantime.

Tepco’s new motto?

“We release what we can,

And can what we can’t.”

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Probably dump it into the ocean the day after closing ceremonies

Haha! Maybe they can do it 'The Great Escape' style and shake it out of their trousers on the exercise yard.

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keyword: resume.

I had no idea they'd actually stopped in the first place. Any chance they'll stop again as soon as the Olympics are over?

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Do you remember those films back in the 50's we was lead to believe that Nuclear power was "cheap and safe!" oooooh, dear me, how so wrong were they!!

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