Japan to revise foreign aid charter toward 'more strategic' ODA use


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Is a waste of money. Billions throw into the water with nothing to show for it if you ask me. Most of the nations that receive help probably never show any gratitude for it.

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Japan aims to revise its foreign aid charter in the first half of next year to enable "more strategic and effective" provision of its official development assistance.

If that's more in favor Japan interest that's not new.

Probably because weaker yen, yen become less worth Japan need to choose carefully which one should really be allocated.

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This actually seems to be progressive. I suspect it was prompted by Japan's past expensive boondoggles aimed at helping Japanese heavy-industry contractors and trading houses rather than local impoverished populations.

The bullet train in Indonesia and the Saigon metro project, for example, have both gotten bogged down over cost and political controversies. It's not worth it. Focus instead on cleaning drinking water and elementary schools.

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So, Japan gives money to help themselves or the Gaijins of the world?

The latter seems not to be the case.

Japan is always offering help if they can utilize the natural resources just like China.

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Japan and the U.S. provided enormous financial and technical assistances to China and South Korea, which they have already forgotten. They were a waste of money. Japan should cut back on foreign aid and spend more on anti-poverty, birthrate up, and R&D in Japan.

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Japan is always offering help if they can utilize the natural resources just like China.

Japan gave billions of Aid to China. You need infrastructure to utilize your natural resources. And you need money to build utilize.

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