Japan to set guidelines for flying car tests by March 2022


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Some people keep saying *It’s not possible*

I say it’s necessary

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Flying taxi cabs will be introduced to wider public in the Osaka Expo 2025 (in some designated routes). In only four years' time!

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This advance will transform Japan and other countries enormously.

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Sounds like the American cartoon The Jetsons. Flying cars and back to the future

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I keep thinking of the Jetsons, too. I can't even imagine privately-owned flying cars becoming popular. The potential for accidents in the sky and for people and property on the ground is too immense to imagine. Fortunately, I won't see it in my lifetime.

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While it sounds cool, it's only going to be accessible by the wealthy.

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V.O.T.L.: Yes, ‘flying car’ is sexier. ‘ Blade Runner, Aliens, etc” anyone?

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Check out the The Terrafugia TF-X on YouTube. That's the one I want, though the Transition model is cool too.

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Extremely promising news! As much as I love road cars, and would love to one day own a driverless car, flying cars are the way of the future. In a road car, you are limited to the roads. In a flying car you can go anywhere much faster than cars.

While it sounds cool, it's only going to be accessible by the wealthy.

That used to be the case with electric cars. Now, middle class families are driving them. In 15 years, most families in Japan will hopefully be flying cars around.

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Agreed, @zatoizugoodo 9:13a JST “While it sounds cool, it's only going to be accessible by the wealthy.” First, to the government: then, ‘commercial’ like Amazon. Then, ‘privatized’ for the illuminated ‘wealthy’.

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I hope I'm still alive when flying cars become common place and there's an option for Uber and Grab for flying cars. For a second there, I thought my eyes were deceiving me with that title.

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the government aims to put them into practical use by 2023.

This I gotta see! That first air rage incident or fender-bender is going to be something to behold. People will have to think twice before stepping out to confront another (flier? pilot? driver?) that's for sure!

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It's about time, I've been waiting to get a hover conversion done on my Delorean for the last 35 years.

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I really hate jet skis. Next is noisy flying cars scaring birds and hitting overhead cables.

Then next, they buzz over my garden and film naked sunbathing.

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It's not going to go as well as they hope.

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Heads up if they fly, so to speak, like the Osprey. Use the trains and buses for safety.

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Really! Flying cars in Japan? I hate to be a stick in the mud and ruin everyone's dream of zipping around on the next "Go Fly" campaign, but this is the country that is still struggling to properly designate and licence Segways and E-scooters! If they can't decide on getting the Segway licenced (currently it's designated as an electric bicycle!), what do you think the chances are of licencing flying cars?

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