Nuclear cleanup of Fukushima town to start around May


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So the town gets cleaned up and then, oops, someone drops a fuel rod over at the plant... and it’s free house to the boar once more.

There must be people wanting to return, otherwise surely they would wait until the NPP is really safe first?

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when they restart no.5 and no.6 reactors, there will be jobs.

What jobs. The entire plant, that's all of the six reactors will be decommissioned and also the four reactors at the nearby Daini plant will also be decommissioned.

Prior to the nuclear disaster I think there were about 4,000 working at the NPP but like all the NPP's more than 75% of them were poorly paid "nuclear refugee's" a term used to describe day workers. Other than pay there were no benefits.

Since the nuclear disaster many of the 80,000 "nuclear refugee's" are now working on decontamination work or at the NPP which now employs about 6,000-8,000 workers 24/7.

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when they restart no.5 and no.6 reactors, there will be jobs.

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You can view on Google Street 2013-2017 but it just gives how rundown the town as become and basically waste of public money to try and restore when its unlikely the majority of former residents will never want to return.

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State Funds AKA: Our TAXES.

Absolute waste of money, time and effort underpinned by idiotic pride, and despicable deception. How dare they even consider pushing this insidious PR.

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Those rats are a bit larger than normal....

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All I can say is how much I loathe nuclear.

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Absolutely no one is going to live unless they are desperate.

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Take the contaminated soil with cesium,plutonium, uranium etc move it into plastic bags and let it slowly rot away......

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Yes, about time, now I can put more people to work and for those wondering about what's happening to all the money Japan hysteria donations, well dont' worry its going into a fat bank account and get invested properly, put people to work and buy me a new house and more don't worry I will take great care and spend what I can wisely.

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30 hectares might be enough to lift the exclusion order, 660 hectares spread across three areas of the abandoned town. People might return and pigs might fly...oh wait a minute, they well might with that diet.

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The population of Namie is zero. Was 18,075. A town of feral pigs which glow when its dark. Its not only the contamination but the total lack of any infrastructure. Schools, clinics, hospitals, transport, shops.

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So for 7 years, what exactly have you done there? Or for that matter, for anyone who was living there? And better yet, where has all the money gone that was donated from around the world with all the "Pray For Japan" hysteria?

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Total waste of time and money.

would anyone really choose to live there?

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