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Japan to study health impact of PFAS chemicals


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Take look where polluters source really come from, usual suspect





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Must be all the frying pan coatings and water-repellent clothing they make at those sites, sakurasaki. I think you will find it is a worldwide problem and Japanese companies are just as complicit.

From Wikipedia (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances):

Chemical corporations that produce PFAS generate approximately US$4 billion in annual profits from the production of this chemical, but it is estimated that they impose much larger costs on taxpayers and the health of the planet's population (i.e. as external costs).

This, once again, is the way of the world: private profits, socialised costs.

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You should only use a teflon pan for eggs. Use stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron pans for everything else. That includes when cooking rice. Don't buy an electric rice cooker. They are overpriced and break every five or so years. Buy a Staub or Le Creuset rice pot. They are much better and last forever. You can give it to your grandchildren.

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Buy a Staub or Le Creuset rice pot

Cost ¥25,000 to ¥50,000. Electric rice cooker ¥8,000. They last many years. I have one that is more than 20 years old.

I use a pair of Jamie Oliver frying pans. Very nice for cooking with.

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As long as any 30 cm fry pan has a litre and a half of lamb/beef lard in it to cook your eggs you be fine.

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cartier: "You should only use a teflon pan for eggs. Use stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron pans for everything else."

I'm learning that the hard way. I have a cast iron skillet for cooking meat, but am often lazy and use teflon frying pans, heating them up too much and going through them pretty quickly. I have been told by one doctor when I asked specifically about that that it could be one reason why I am experiencing poor kidney function. It's not at the point where I need medicine yet, so they just want me to keep getting physicals and watching it, but their advice was almost spot on to what you said: try not to use teflon pans, and only do for cooking things like eggs or when the heated part of the pan is fully covered (like with liquids), and keep the heat lower. Use cast iron instead where possible, or stainless steel woks for stirfries, etc.

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If you are so concern about your heath why don't just pouch the eggs. Instead they convince themselves that a fry egg in a certain pan form certain materials is healthy. LOL

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We have parrots, so non stick has always been a non issue. Cooking with them will kill any bird very quickly. Only cast iron, SS, & copper in our house.

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