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Japan to subsidize municipalities promoting Tokyo Olympics legacy


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a number of municipalities wish to continue to interact with their partner countries or find opportunities to do so.

They want slush funds for travel, wining, and dining. These exchanges accomplish very little.

Waste of taxpayers’ money!

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Throwing good money after bad.... The Olympic money drain never stops...

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The Japan Sport Council will set up a subsidy program to cover part of the expenses, such as those for inviting athletes from abroad, the sources said, adding the program is due to begin in fiscal 2023 starting next April.


You can hear the hog call to all the local cronies of the LDP that the Olympic trough of taxpayer money is still open.

A statue of the international athletes will bring tourists flocking from all around to remember those precious Olympic memories. And provide some juicy contracts for affiliated construction companies and bureaucratic kickbacks.

Meanwhile many are still doing without stable income post pandemic and inflation from "Ukraine" is hitting them even worse.

But the LDP knows what the public really wants.

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Just when you think its finally over they of course find new ways to make the bleeding of money continue.

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The council is also hoping that the program will help develop public support for Sapporo's bid to host the 2030 Winter Games.

Say NO!

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The aim of Olympics is to have a legacy, by keeping the facilities, promoting sports, and those kind of cultural exchanges.

Let see what happen but at least, those cities and people learn about other countries, often out of the news and map, and kids also can earn more interest in foreign cultures.

when nothing is left after Olympics, we also see waves of critics.

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How about they subsidize the taxpayers that funded that mess.

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Sure as a sun sets… more Looters Dont ever Pay.

the sources said, adding the program is due to begin in fiscal 2023 starting next April.

LOL! More No- name, No-Face, sources- and most of all, No- Delays!

Must be some votes for sale here somewhere?

Every time a Looter can get away with Other ppls MONEY, they re all action, quick deciders like yesterday.

Just look at No face source guy. He says he's already Years ahead of schedule.

SO why dont you never see these Looters Pay it back ? When it comes to Covid relief or raise a min wage, or support single moms, teachers, public school kids…etc… Slow as molasses.

NO votes on the line these Looters only make excuses. Only if's and butts.

No more due to begins and No more take actions. Sure as candies and nuts.

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How about the IOC pay?

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Nothing like spending more money, how much actually gets to tax payers?

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Japan is like a alternate reality where the real problems in society just don’t seem to exist….

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Maybe they can give then money to remove the moneypit olympic venues.

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Designed to carry forward the governmental initiative

Who are they trying to fool ? Themselves into believing their plan was designed this whole time and into the future.

The government does not appear to have the interests and well being of the people a priority.

Low crime rate is rapidly becoming the only appealing reason to live in Japan.

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Christ, hasn't this country lost enough money through the Olympics?

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