Japan to supply Philippines with military equipment


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“It’s not directed against any country,” he said in what appeared to be an effort to avoid provoking any hostile Chinese reaction."

They are going to react that way no matter what anyone says.

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Ospreys? Good idea.

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More like surplus P3Cs, Hatsuyuki type destroyers and possibly type 88 anti ship missiles but the last one may be too provocative.

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If this to happen, China will gain access to military equipment transferred by Japan, Many members of the Philippine military have close relations with the Chinese criminal group, recently a. Philippine Marines Lt. colonel, a certain Ferdinand Marcelino was arrested with a chinese citizen in an illegal drugs factory near manila china town, there's an upcoming election, there will be a change in foreign policy, most of the presidential candidate are pro-China or indifferent to the south China dispute

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It “opens the door to a lot of opportunities beyond the confines of mere equipment transfer or sale,” the official said on condition of anonymity

yeah for example : Okra - Lady's fingers, look like lady's thumbs, short and thick i mean.

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Japan to supply Philippines with military equipment

Ok, but now Japan can't say that only China is to blame for military build up.

Both sides will justify their reasoning for a military build up, while accusing each other as being the cause of why they need to do so.

Meanwhile, those who profit from the Military Industrial Complex will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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its sound a militar race in Pacific. China will like a lot

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Stuart, Check which country sell weapoms to China. And other countries in the world. No longer USA

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On the Yomiuri they had reported that Japan is going to lease some TC90 advanced trainer planes.

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If the equipment arrives in the Philippines, make the transactions transparent, and leave records of where and how the equipment are used. I am from the Philippines and I don't trust the officials and some high ranking officials in the government. They themselves are the ones who sell arms to the rebel/terrorist groups in the country. The guns that the US gave to the officials, some of them are on the enemies side already. And give appropriate budget for maintenance and repairs of the equipment, I doubt that after 1 or 2 years this ship will not be on top condition (namely: broken engine, broken radars, etc). Don't let the officials handle the money, show the people where the money is going. That's why the Philippines is vulnerable to attacks and will be sitting ducks in an event that the US or Japan cannot come to its aid.

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