Japan to test 15,000 people for coronavirus antibodies by end of year


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Can they meet the quota though? I see they're still struggling to have test counts for their PRC tests.

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are they using the tea ceremony? This is very slow and small for a nation of millions. We're testing 40,000 a day

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Is this supposed to be some kind of accomplishment?

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Testing 15,000 for anybodies, in two months, at a time when a new record of cases is reached everyday, in a country of 125,000,000.

Sounds like the getting better grasp goal is condemn before the action even started.

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People are never ever satisfied!


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Pulling their head out of the sand to take a peak. It will be interesting to see what they do if the results of antibody tests indicate a much higher rate of infection than has been reported by PRC tests.

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Japan to start testing, Japan to start testing

Sounds like a broken record. haha

Japan to start virus antibody tests on 10,000 people in June

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5 areas 15,000 tests, so 3,000 an area? Can they manage that?

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Is that all?

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Japan to test 15,000 people for coronavirus antibodies by end of year

Is that in total? :D

It’s still not enough in a nation of 125 million.

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Depending on the kind of protocol to be followed this may just be a wasted effort.

It is well described that in people that recovered from the infection antibody levels begin to drop in weeks, and after a few months they become impossible to detect, this is specially fast for people that had light or no symptoms.

So If someone comes out negative on this test he could someone that has not yet been infected, or someone that was infected, never had symptoms and his antibody levels dropped again by the time of the test.

Result? the only thing that can be assumed from a negative test is that the person was not infected... recently.

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They want to grasp the current infection situation so it may actually be a good thing that those who were infected long will not be counted

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@Monty, it is not about never being satisfied. It would be a great initiative, should it cover a larger portion of the population.

It is the equivalent of launching an initiative to contribute to end hunger in Africa and sending one cupcake.

Should we be talking about doing 15,000 a week - at least - then yes it would be a more significant sample to potentially reach some solid conclusions.

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Most of data scientist and talented statisticians work for the government so I wouldn’t say 15,000 is an insufficient sample. Let statisticians deal with the numbers.

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Recently Slovakia (GDP rank: 60th) tested 3.6 million of the country's 5.4 million population in a week or so.

15,000 people is a ridiculous number for world's third-largest economy.

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They will test, then not like the numbers because they don't help their cause and somehow we will never hear the result UNLESS they somehow mange to spin their numbers in such a way that no one really knows how they correlate to reality and then it wouldn't matter anyways.

One thing is certain, whatever 'they' claim they will do in a month or so, just won't happen as promised. Their track record clearly shows this sad and very tiring pattern.

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People are never ever satisfied!


Thats because they didn't understand

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Monty - i@n please wake up and smell the coffee - knowbetter = KnowsBetter . They talk and talk but little is done = SSDD

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There are multiple ways for the government to bias the sampling for this "study"

This "study" is pretty much aimed to be a PR stint to show how well Japan is doing. They will most likely have inclusion criteria that excludes people with previous experience of fever, etc. so that they can get a lower rate. No one will dare to say anything.

Never mind that multiple studies showed that anti-bodies will disappear after a few months, but I bet the result announcement will claim that is the total infections.

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15,000 people is a ridiculous number for world's third-largest economy.

Its actually even more pathetic than a number of ' third world' economies.

Japan loves to self include itself with the advanced western countries whenever it has a chance so it can stroke its ego but its covid19 response shows just how undeserving it is to hang out with the big boys club.

This govt response isthe definition of incompetence and fence sitting.

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Japan is so behind the 8th ball on the the testing here that it could almost be considered criminal this should have been started at the beginning like Taiwan whose people are working and living almost stress free from this COVID.

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15,000 tests by the end of the YEAR? Really? If anybody is wondering why Japan has such a low infection rate, there is your answer ... a paucity of testing. Canada, with less than a third of Japan's population is conducting close to 80,000 tests per DAY!

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