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Japan to start trial of world's first urine test to spot cancer

By Saul Lobe

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Stool test is not so accurate. But a colonoscopy can be dangerous. My father was punctured by that process and almost died of infection. They then had to remove almost all of his large intestine. Made life miserable.

A pee test would have saved him the headache, hassles, and operations.

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A urine test would be a gigantic breakthrough for testing. Hope it works!

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Still one would likely need colonoscopy to get a biopsy if the urine test implies there is cancer.

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Having gone through the standard colonoscopy and the discomfort (including the preparation) I think this is a great step forward.

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Great news. I think it should be down in the hospital, not from home and sent the lab. Too many things could happen in the transportation phase.

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@ Haruka, sorry to hear that, I hope he's doing well

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Having gone through the standard colonoscopy and the discomfort (including the preparation) I think this is a great step forward.

The prep. Oh my god the prep was horrible. Drinking 2 liters of disgusting liquid early morning. So yes, more of these inventions please.

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i had to do it 3 times. the actual operation was actually fascinating to see inside, but the 4 hour toilet thing was most unpleasant. i recommend all posters to have a check up though as many are over 40.

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It takes years and even decades for any new medical procedures and products are tested on humans...

Congratulations to those who developed this method...

I sincerely hope and wish that their efforts will prove to be meaningful and the test prove effective for all those suffering from earlier stages of cancer... and enable early treatment...

As a survivor, I applaud the new development...

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Tell the Japanese Salary-man to not go to the local izakaya the night before the test....

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