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Japan to trial AI scheme for spotting bears as attacks on humans rise


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what a joke...bears need be reduced/killed as are clearly overpopulated.

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The 35 mm eyeball and a modicum of common sense used to work well.

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They should allow farmers and hikers to carry firearms. It’s scary walking through the forest lately.

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I guess it’s good. Just make sure I can walk in the woods around Kyoto without worrying about bears. Thanks.

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The plan comes in response to the 198 bear attacks on humans across 19 prefectures in the previous fiscal year, which ended in March. The incidents resulted in 219 casualties including six deaths

These numbers for a single year sound astonishing to me - in comparison, across all of North America there's under 1 death per year due to bears.

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Bring a cat with you. Bears are really scared of cats.

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Look for the video of cats and bears.

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