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Yamaguchi town OKs survey for interim spent nuclear fuel storage facility


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The move will result in a nuclear-related state subsidy and fresh sources of tax revenues for the fast-graying municipality.

Toxic waste become many municipalities source of income when they only non-productive population.

They need to compete with those in Hokkaido.


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"no intention for the town to become a final disposal site" 

Yeah, but, they also haven't given any indication of how long 'interem' actually is. It could be six months or it could be two-hundred years. They are talking about recycling spent nuclear fuel, but the technology has not been perfected yet nor has a plant been built to accomplish it. They are just splashing money around on hollow promises to store their spent nuclear fuel. Japan has had nulcear power since the 60's and they are still playing catch up. They have no proactive plans on how to deal with spent nuclear fuel. All their plans are reactive. After they have it they desperately try to find somewhere to put it.

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When the only plans to revitalize an area are contingent on storing nuclear waste then it is time to replace that administration…

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According to Chugoku Electric, the town will receive a subsidy of 140 million yen a year during the period of the survey, which is carried out to determine whether such a facility can be built.

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I would question the proposed location being so close to NK and China, but then the digital minister is probably involved here.

IMHO Ibaraki is a more suitable location, and far from China/NK terror threat.

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How many islands does japan possess? Why not one of the far away ones?

Yamaguchi is Abe’s hometown, so maybe good legacy.

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Yamaguchi is Abe’s hometown, so maybe good legacy .

Good point

They kept voting for him let them have it


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The country has a massive problem with spent nuclear waste and the waste coming from Fukushima and more than 20 decommissioned reactors. It will take several locations.

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Another misstep Japan.

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Another misstep Japan.

What is your solution for the country's nuclear waste? Can't throw that into the ocean.

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' The town is becoming fast impoverished, and I have a strong sense of not receiving enough brown envelopes '.

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Japan will need several locations and islands would be a good choice. "Brown envelopes" are so last century.

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Negative comments without any suggestions what the country should do with millions of tons of nuclear waste.

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Although currently not cost effective, Japan should aggressively pursue renewable energy simply because the the planet needs it, and also because the inevitable consequence of piling up extremely toxic waste is not a positive one.

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Yamaguchi is not alright with this. The Mayor is pocketing money from this one way or another.

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