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Japanese towns hit by 2011 quake launch fundraising for Taiwan


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Very nice of them as was the Taiwan donations

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Heartwarming story. You give, and you get. We should all learn by this example, and help one another.

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Good for them: both.

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A reflection of the "nature" and "heart" of the Japanese people which historically goes beyond this Century. Interestingly, "sharing" and "giving" and "helping" those in need often attributed to those in the USA (as USA has been known give the most), such aid by the Japanese people has been recorded by many countries throughout the world from S America, SE Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

I feel honored to be living here and participate in that "sharing"...

We are after all... one humanity... one world...

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Why can't we have more news like this nowadays. Good work and thanks for remembering those who helped you in the past. I'm sure that the victims in Taiwan will definitely appreciate this.

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I have been to this area many times on my trips to Japan.

Such wonderful people, tough yet sensitive.

Their collective gesture come from the heart. The heart of a great people. The heart of a great nation.

Brings tears to my eyes when I read this. My heart has long lived in Japan, It makes me proud to be Japanese

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Lovely to hear stories like this that are full of caring and compassion for a change. Its easy to get jaded when all one reads about is negative news.

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