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Japan, U.S., India hold naval exercises under China's gaze


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The fantastiC three? Whos missing?

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If China joined them, it would be four, but it wouldn't be the Fantastic Four.

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"India and Japan both are fantastic partners"

Yes, It's fantastic that Japan has so much in common with India. The Japanese officers from the "naval warships, aircraft carriers and submarines" will feel quite at home in Delhi...

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The US should stop messing up Asia, both Middle East and Far East. Yeah I know it's only a dream. Their awful economy is based on war, the more their economy is weak, the more they try to exploit wars around the world. They would like a war between China and other Asian countries, let's hope China' s common sense prevents this disaster. China is able to solve her disputes by diplomacy and economical deals.

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Yeap, it's in America's interest that China and other countries don't get along. It's called stirring the pot and serving your own interests. Middle East, South China Sea, Indian Ocean. Do you see a a pattern here? Geographical locations NOWHERE near America and yet the US military is there. Imgaine if China were regularly sending their military to the north-east Pacific.

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@Pukey2: yeah, they use the same strategy also in Europe, hurting European relations with Russia.

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China again meddling with India. China should stay out of India's affairs. India can do whatever it wants.

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The US should stop messing up Asia, both Middle East and Far East.

The ME has been messed up since the existence of abrahamic religions. Asia and Far East? The Dutch, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish have all had their little piece there.

@Alex- so why bash the US? There has been 70 yrs of peace here in Japan. Who made that peace? and while the japanese rose into prosperity from war ashes.

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Towards the end of October 2015 , US warship is reported to have reached South China Sea past the site China has constructed some structures these years. Chinese side has expressed concern. Obviously situation is loaded with substantial concern. This writer had hinted of such a scenario developing in November 2015 and after in article - “Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016” – published last year in online magazine astrologyweekly.com on 2 June 2014. Just reproducing what was predicted : “ However, a major cause of concern may arise from November 2015 to July 2016 when benign Jupiter may begin to have a scattered influence”. While describing aspects of life that could be vulnerable to planetary influences for a major concern , this was mentioned : “ Wisdom as the basis for strategy , especially regarding the defense and security of nations and territorial disputes”. This issue was again dealt with by this writer later in June , 2015 in article – “ Total lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015 and world” – published in Summer 2015 ( June) issue of The Astrologer’s Notebook , a quarterly print publication from North Port , Florida. This was predicted – “ During second half of 2015 , dangers from sea or in sea could be likely in vulnerable regions. Countries such as China could also be in focus. Some islands located near the sea may need to take some precaution. Though second half of 2015 seems to be causing concern , months October and November of 2015 are likely to trigger many unwelcome things out of above mentioned aspects or areas of life”. These details suggest that this writer did predict precisely and closely the scenario of South China Sea much in advance.

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