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Japan-U.S. nuclear deal announced at Hague summit


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Exactly right. It totally is not enough, Mr. Pomper.

Can't wait to hear from China and North Korea saying they're going to give up their nuclear programs (including China's plans to build nuclear reactors as well as a Rokkasho-like facility of their own), and dismantle their nuclear-tipped-ballistic missiles...

Oh yeah...that's actually not going to happen anytime soon, and Japan's resolution to hand over this material will be the most impressive development of this entire conference.

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A step in the right direction.

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Let us not forget that Obama pledged nuclear free world and that Obama received Nobel Peace Prize for the pledge. Nuclear free world means that the US is to abandon its nuclear weapon, too.

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Japan pledging to return to the United States more than 315 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium and a supply of highly enriched uranium.

The United States entrusted Japan with more than 315 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium and a supply of highly enriched uranium. Where was it stored that it was not secure???

U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz told reporters. “The material will be transferred to the United States for transformation into proliferation-resistant forms.”


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Um... I assume the 315 kg of plutonium is from the Japan's own reactors. Whys is it "returning" to the US?

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I dont understand... doesnt japan have many tons of them?

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this is actually President Obama's reaction to China not anything else, the material was Japan's , both the original amount paid for by Japan the additional amount created by their reactors. China however has been pressuring the US to control Japan - even though it is not considering building any bombs- the concern is that Japan may sell material to another country in Asia,

China would not like that

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@Thomas Anderson: It says in the article that Japan acquired the 315kg from US and Britain in the 60's for research purposes.

It'd be nice if everyone could get rid of their nuclear weapons. Of course, then some "enterprising" individual/research and development department would invent some new weapon ten times more destructive than the largest nuke, and everyone will be scrambling to control that instead. Everyone wants to hold the biggest stick.

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A headline that means absolutely nothing when Japan can't even manage Fukushima. Who needs the pact when Japan is killing itself with radiated ground water and eating the poisoned fish from the Pacific ocean and the Japan Sea; thanks to TEPCO.

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Japan’s new Rokkasho nuclear plant, due to come online this year

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the one with the most toys wins in the end!

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Who here thinks that the world would be more safe and more interesting if all the modern weapons tech would be replaced with medieval weapons. None of this B.S. guns, tanks, planes, rockets but swords, spears, bows & arrows, catapults, trebuchet, ballistas... Every nation with their own historic weapons, and most of all the leaders to participate on the battlefield as well?

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sorry but with the u.s. deciding not to militarily back the ukraine, what is there to stop china from just occupying the senkakus?

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There is no abandoning anything with China around!!! and no one should!

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Youkai is correct. The "modern" weaponry is bad for humanity, trading survival of the fittest for survival of the richest criminalist, kleptocrat loser who couldn't win a fight that actually relies on any kind of skill, health, talent, or intelligence. But, now that it's here... We're stuck with it until something happens to get rid of it, such as it becoming lost technology/lost knowledge, or it becoming trendy to favor real combat prowess instead of lazy cheater tactics.

Less radioactive materials in one's country will always be a good thing, period. But, it's not good for those of us in the country it's coming to, adding onto all that's already here.

Japan doesn't need nukes. It is possible to defeat an invader who has nukes without having them, just like those with melee weapons still often won against those with guns, canons, etc. And, it is a lowering of one's self to adopt nukes, just like it was when a group adopted this, or that other lazy, skilless weapon.

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