Sophia University and job office to help foreign students find employment


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"Around 65 percent of international students said they want to work in Japan after graduation"

I don't blame them, Japan is after all, the best country in the world.

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I don't blame them, Japan is after all, the best country in the world.

Them's fightin' words!!

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Aging population equals snack bar staff demand.

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Graduates won’t find a decent job at Hello Work. If they are lucky they will get a grad job in a small Japanese company which will burn them out within a year from overwork. Decent jobs with bigger companies don’t go through Hello Work.

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There have been several recruiting companies organizing job fairs and explanation sessions for foreign students, so it is barely something new. I guess the new part is the university actively cooperating with them

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Presumably, the other 35% have seen the salaries on offer.

Anyway, I pity anyone trying to land a decent job this year.

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