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Japan university exams begin with stricter rules to prevent cheating


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The guy in the blue shirt in the middle looks like he knows he's going to fail.

My thoughts, too.

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What a dumb, defeating-the-purpose seating arrangement.

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Why bother cheating?

Surely with the huge drop in population,the laughingly low quality of university education here,and the fact that higher education establishments are just after the cash,anyone with to he ability to cash a cheque can get in.

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they have body temperatures of 38 C or more

High threshold.

I barely went over 38 with Covid. When starting to fell unwell, I was not even over 37.

If a student goes to the exam with let’s say 37.5, I do not think he/she will be in a good condition to concentrate and succeed

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Such measures for only one case of cheating !

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I love how they say 'foreign languages' instead of ENGLISH. Wonder who demanded that?

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So there are three desks between the table mates, but less than one desk space between the people at the end of the rows...............yeah.

Security has also been strengthened at universities, where the exams are held, with police assisting to ensure the safety of examinees after two students who attended the examinations last year were stabbed in front of the University of Tokyo.

Sounds like a lot of money will be needed to pay these officers on "special duty."

Is this going to cost as much as when the tax payers had to pay for the security detail of ABE's funeral?

Or will it be free of charge, on the city?

Also, with all these police officers guarding the test taking areas, from the oh so dangerous test cheaters.

Does this mean that you can pretty much commit any crime around those universities and have a better chance of getting away with it?

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Ah ! I see ! Two tudents are seated far apart from each other! On long benches! But (and this is a big BUT) the students are young and (this is a big AND) the young have good eyesight and (this is big AND) they can look ahead to copy. The head of the university could and should have arranged single desks and chairs set far enough apart from other single desks and chairs so that not a single student can copy from his or her neighbour. Why the long benches to seat only two students taking up so much space in the hall? How could the head of this particular university at first not even thought of single desks and chairs set far apart from other single desks and chairs to prevent dishonesty among the students of his or her university?

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Cheating in exams is rife; in no small part due to lack of foresight on the part of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ administrators afraid to admit that it’s open slather. The evidence that the integrity of exam invigilation is suspect is right there in the seating arrangement we can see in the picture. The story of the arrest of that unlucky to be caught girl is meant to deflect attention away from any examination of the tolerance of and pandering to カンニング which is manifest in university administrators turning a blind eye to faculty members’ easily compromised assessment practices and their mortal fear of opening a Pandora’s box that would reveal just how prevalent these practices are.

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Oh what, look at the photo, if the ultimate goal was to eliminate cheating the desk spacing would have been

quintessential !!

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Cheating on tests have been around as long as there have been tests. In the West it is pretty much common knowledge that if you cheat on the test it will come back to bite you later. If you didn't know the material at the start, you will never keep up with the class. In Japan, however, getting accepted is the whole battle. Sit back for 4 years, show up for lectures sometimes and walk out with a degree.

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Long ago my U C professor once told me that tests means NOTHING, they are there just to limit the number of students accepted and are used by schools to show that you just can't come of the streets and attend classes. I thought he was joking back then, but then another instructor indicated the same that test are useless because it is impossible to evaluate a person intellect by just taking a paper test, in fact many of the smartest never even attended a university, it is just a passport/ticket to get a job.

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a police report may be filed if evidence of cheating is found

What has police to do with cheating in exams? This is beyond stupid use of police power.

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Why bother cheating?

...,anyone with to he ability to cash a cheque can get in.

Even if that were the case it is still a very powerful reason, cheating would let people enter the university without spending the money.

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You have a Japanese university degree I take it?

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Two of my sons do. And my daughter went to university in the states.

Mine is from Villanova.

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Still, some will figure out a way to cheat.

The only solution is a t-shirt, shorts and slippers provided by the testing company. Place each student into an individual, soundproof, room with 2 pencils and a few clean scrap sheets of paper. Everything else left outside.

I've seen students tapping answers, if their fingers/toes could be seen by others in their cheating group. Toe tapping, coughing, were all used too for the multiple-guess questions. If students see or hear each other, they can cheat.

Er ... so I hear.

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Anyone caught cheating should get be automatically enrolled in Todai.

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I don't know what the purpose of these tests is when every university has its own entrance exam that applicants also have to take.

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In the end, I think everything should be open book. In reality it's about whither you can get the answers, not whither you have the answer memorized. It's about application of the material, rather than citation.

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Someone once said to me that Japanese don't cheat in school, it's only a western thing. I guess that person was wrong.

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As part of the new cheating prevention policy, the organizers warned test-takers that wearing earphones during the exam will be recognized as cheating and that a police report may be filed if evidence of cheating is found.

Under what law? What would the punishment be if found cheating?

Man : What're you in prison for?

Dude : Robbery, murder and arson! What about you?

Man : I cheated on a test in univerity.

Dude : ........................................

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