Japan urged to link private, public testing to better grasp extent of pandemic

By Rocky Swift

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Wow! Does this mean Japan will have to release the true figures of infections? They are not gonna like that at all.

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Tokyo recently scaled back on trying to trace infections after health care centers became overwhelmed.

This is clearly fake news! Tokyo scaled back on trying to trace infections because they want the infections numbers to "appear" low so they can hold the Olympics. Then when the numbers come out AFTER the Olympics, they can blame the foreigners instead of looking in the mirror. Just like the Covid Vaccine...They want to blame other countries for Japan not having any when they could have at least tried to make their own. Once again this proven Japan can NOT sustain on any level under their own power.

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Japan needs to link up private COVID-19 testing with public databases to get a firmer grip on the extent of the pandemic, health experts say, 

Well, you can bet Suga is going to ignore the expert,s recommendation for as long as he can. The decreasing number trend ( due to health centres starting to direct people towards private testing facilities whose positive results are not reflected in the govt daily figures and giving up on tracing ) must be maintained at all costs. Tatemae is much more important than the true numbers. Japan is " safety" for the Olympics.

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What an epiphany! Those Japanese health experts are brilliant!

Unfortunately this will take many long meetings and serious consultations and the earliest it can possibly be done will be after the Olympics - you wouldn't want to disturb the Olympic dream would you.

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I've stopped looking at the figures since it came out that private tests weren't included.

Its like calculating your household spending but not including big variable items like your food and utility bills.

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They are not included!?!?

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doctors and health officials have increasingly criticized the current regime as insufficient to find and track infections

Can we add this sentence to the daily infection reports here ?

That would calm down some naive readers.

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All this time, we thought that the reports included the private tests. So now we’re saying the “known” cases are definitely higher that the reported cases. Like, WTH? Here I am looking forward to finally being able to ride the train, but apparently I was living in a lie.

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That which is hidden in the dark will eventually come to light!

We have been stating for a while the various ways that the government were manipulating the numbers to make the situation look less serious for the Olympics and political optics. Particularly, they have been using loopholes to exclude counting people from the total number of infections.

Where is Abe? Where is Koike? Nowhere to be found until the next round of elections for Governor and/or Prime Minister or when the vaccines start to rollout?

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They are not included!?!?

Yeah. Where have you been all this time?

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Japan urged to link private, public testing to better grasp extent of pandemic

Great idea, but then how will they fudge the numbers?

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But private clinics must report positive results, right ?

MatsumotoKiyoshi is now selling some PCR test kits. Not sure how it works but I suppose we take at home a sample of saliva or nasal swab and send it to a laboratory

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Good luck! After the disasters of 3/11 nearly ten years ago it was pointed out how badly Japan needs a national power grid instead of all the independent companies that caused Fukushima and then the inability to get power to affected areas for a long, long time later, and I think they managed to discuss it for all of five minutes. What Japan REALLY needs is foreign pharmeceutical companies in here for competition, but then, that wouldn't jive with the extreme nationalism here.

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In Japan, it means to take no action


"I urge you to do something about this situation before it spirals out of control!!!!!"


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Over the course of the pandemic, Japan has performed about 50 COVID-19 tests per 1,000 people, compared with 100 in South Korea 

Good to know

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Please accurate information are needed.

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“Urged”. Says it all.

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increased testing is just another failed policy that does nothing but promote casedemic.

Look at the madness of Australia who locked down 2 million citizens because of 1 suspected case.

In a few short years, social scientists will marvel at how we allowed neurotic cowards to call any shots whatsoever.

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Yes, they should vet private testing centers to ascertain quality of testing.

Publishing results is also desirable.

At this point though i dont want the govt data and private center data merged, they should published separate. Would be easy to merge themanyway, if desired in an analysis

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I doubt whether they even know the number of PCR tests performed daily by

by private clinics and test centers ?

They aren't interested in knowing because it is very easy to know.

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Does it really matter? What are they going to do differently?

Are they going to tell people to wear a mask and socially distance like it's the first time we've ever heard that?

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Japan is not a country where logic prevails.

Despite being in debt for many years, my conveniently placed public hospital won’t test me for Covid unless I have symptoms,no matter how much money I offer them.

Who makes these idiotic restrictions and for what reasons?

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