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Gov't urges release of missing persons' names in event of disaster


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How to find missing people if we don't their names? Need family consent, it's disaster so their family gone missing too.

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Hmmm..... how do you get "family consent" when there may not even be any family around and dont know who to actually GET the consent from? Not to mention those missing who may not have any family close by or possibly no family at all.

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So obvious...

Like trying to guess a number without any clue.

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Maybe to hide the real death toll, just say “missing”. Names of missing should be released so people can be either rescued or resources not wasted tracking them down.

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For people suffering domestic violence, a disaster is a perfect opportunity to escape and probably don't want their names made public.

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Disclosing names won't help the missing unless the name is going to be called out.

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