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Japan, U.S., S Korean coast guards hold 1st joint drill off Japan's coast


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"Good old US" has its own borders in a mess, the infinite amount of drugs and immigrants that enter them by land and sea are almost a lost war, and these decadent parodies of cowboys wasting time and resources on the other side of the world creating wars where there are none..

Imagine a Chinese coast guard vessel in the Florida's strait..

The world's drama queen would not stand it

The Romans said that when a country did more ridiculous and crazy things, it meant that it was closer to its end..

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Because of China's use of it's Coast Guard as an extension of it's military and territorial claims and disputes in the East and South China Seas, avoiding the direct use of the PLA Navy, it became imperative that the United States respond in kind. The USCG should be patrolling the Senkakus together with the JCG.

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China's continued hostile activities are driving other concerned nations into cooperative actions to counter China, in attempts to maintain safety for all and in support of the collective rules based order over unilateral, illegal and confrontational actions by a single country.

China is the driver of instability in the region, with confrontations, sometimes dangerous and violent, against a number of nations being its preferred "go to" activity. Of course affected nations and their allies will work together to oppose such unwise and dangerous provocations. It is almost like China is hoping to illicit a response that will initiate a conflict, so that it can force everyone out of the Southern and Eastern waters using the worlds largest navy and maritime millita, and its massive missile arsenal.

All in all China is the reason these collective colaberations are occuring and increasing.

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Let’s make it a Live Fire Exercise.

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The US Coast Guard has had a presence in Asian waters since the 1930s when then new Treasury Class High Endurance Cutters (so-called because they were all named after former Secretaries of the Treasury at a time when the US Coast Guard was under the Treasury Department) were deployed to interdict narcotics smugglers. Sending a cutter to Asian waters is hardly something new or different.

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TokyoLivingJune 7 07:38 am JST

The Romans said that when a country did more ridiculous and crazy things, it meant that it was closer to its end..

The Romans lasted for hundreds of years after the decline began. You're going to be seeing our smiling face for a long time to come.

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WA4TKGJune 7 12:37 pm JST

Let’s make it a Live Fire Exercise.

Around the Second Thomas Shoal, yes.

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