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Venture firm develops device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction


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There is an easier way to prevent smart phone addiction for kids.....don't buy them for them! Kids don't "need" smart phones.

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It would be better to teach children how to use them responsibly. However, one would have to cure the parents from their own smartphone addiction first. I cannot count the amount of parents I see with their faces stuck in their smartphones while their kids run amuck. "Monkey see, monkey do!"

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Actually I think adults need this more than kids.

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It would be easier to not to give them a smartphone, which is a tool they don't really need. But apparently parents can't do that these days.

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Looks like kid's addiction is not the only problem in families.

Time to put the gadgets aside and be a family again

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"parents, using their own smartphones, can control their children's daily smartphone usage"

And I'll be sure to warn my kid off drugs while I'm smoking a bong.

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My tools are very simple, they're called "talking to your kids" and "going out with your kids" ? Yes, it's antiquated, ancient, old, but surprisingly it works really well! Also helps if parents didn't already glue their hands to their smartphones.

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So, first we've got the dubious myth that "smartphone addiction" among children is truly widespread. Let's not look at why kids like to use smartphones, let's just declare that them using them a lot must be an addiction and not try to think too hard about it.

Then we have a mechanical, commercial solution - rather than parents learning what their kids are doing and monitor their behavior and teach their children appropriate contexts for morally complex behavior, we have effectively a remote on/off switch. Parents who don't like to think hard about their world can now force their children to also not think very hard about their world!

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So, if the kids are running from a would-be abductor this app will prevent them from being able to use their phones?

I think if you ask most parents why they even bother giving a child a cell phone to begin with it is for safety reasons. This goes counter to that, but still allows them to game for certain periods of time. If parents are truly concerned about such things, don't give your kid a phone. Period.

And let me guess... parents do all of this monitoring and limiting from... their cell phones? haha.

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here is my device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction: MY F-ing Hand! take it away form them

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There's been a device around longer than mobile phones themselves. It's called a rubbish bin.

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One word: Spanking.

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