JSC vows no more deaths from overwork while building Olympic arena

By Kwiyeon Ha

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Don't make promises you can't keep, especially at the speed with which these projects have to be finished!

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"To our regret, illegal overtime was recognised as a result of inspection by the labor ministry,"

After a young man killed himself.

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no more, haha thats funny

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Good for them, however I can't think of another city where this would be an issue.

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he had worked 200 hours of overtime a month before his death.

My god

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No more deaths from overwork is misleading, what if deaths result from cutting corners or stress brought on by having to do more in less time!

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"To our regret, illegal overtime was recognised as a result of inspection by the labor ministry. We, JSC and Taisei, took it sincerely and we'll do the utmost (to comply with the law) in proceeding with construction."

They'll do their "utmost" to obey the law?? Meaning they might not obey the law (probably won't)? Meaning they haven't until now and are admitting it, and NOTHING is being done about it?? TIJ

And anyway, they are only promising it will no more deaths will be recognized as overwork, not that there will be no more deaths, and we all know they'll just call the next one "death from another reason". It'll be "regrettable we were caught again", but that'll be all. More parents will lose their children, and wives husbands (and/or vice-versa), and children will lose a parent. All the companies will lose is a tiny bit of face for the person whom they sucker in front of the cameras.

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He literally said he regrets they found out they were conducting illegal overtime. How about fining these companies? Taking away their contracts?

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Japan does not jail directors of companies whose "resources" are "wasted" like this. There is no corporate manslaughter law here. Move along now, nothing to see here...

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Oh the joys of working for a Japanese company! Who would want to?? They don't care if you live or die. They'll just find another work unit to work to death. The sheeple never complain and so this situation will continue forever.

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Translation; The media has been paid off.

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Death to the Olympics in it's modern format.

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JSC vows no more deaths from overwork while building Olympic arena

......o...k...tough promise to fulfill, but once the venue is done they are free to kill off as many employee's, subcontractors as they wish......

This is so way beyond screwed up on so so many levels

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Liars. Professional liars. They will do nothing. They're heartless.

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This is getting pretty disgusting, Japan.

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I don't live in Japan, but even 80 hours of overtime a month is ridiculous never mind 200! So I have a question, is overtime in Japan paid at double time? Like it is in most civilized countries? I'm not asking this question to be cold or disrespect the poor guy that committed suicide. I just know I would have a hard time working 80 hours of overtime in a month.

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Japan society to understand the real meaning of compliance.


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runner3, here in Japan there is a thing called "Service Overtime" Case 1: Many will clock out and go back to their desk to complete tasks, usually staying until close to midnight. No documentation, No legal problems. Case 2: Managers don't require having a time card, therefore, No documentation, No legal problems. Case 3: Most Sales don't use time cards as they are always out visiting customer/clients. No documentation, No legal problems. Case 4: Some companies do shut their lights of at a specific time but staff are forced to take work home with them. No documentation, No legal problems. One example close to home. My brother-in-law (early 40s) has just completed cancer treatments. He is clean but can easily come back if he doesn't take it easy. His company has full knowledge of his situation but still has him traveling long distance and not getting home until midnight!! Then out the door early the next morning. (BTW- No time card) His most recent blood work did not look good. His company just doesn't care. He needs the job as he needs the insurance to cover medical and afraid another company won't hire him because of his condition. This will never end unless staff stand up and fight for their life. Literally!

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Thanks since 1981, that's brutal! I've been to Japan 8 times had no idea the labour standards ar so bad. I have friend who was a nurse in Japan said she would never go back to work there, now I know why.

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A few deaths make the news but just TRY to comprehend the SUFFERING of MILLIONS of Japanese each day, insane!

Yeah, I'll never get it. My wife had a girls night out with her work buddies last night. Now she's telling me that one of her coworkers who's fiancé also works at the company doesn't come home until 10:30, even on Saturday, is being promoted. Maybe something positive will come out of the self-absorbed smart phone youth and not take this crap anymore. An abuse of culture by the corporate pigs is what comes to mind. This isn't the Edo period. Japan needs a stronger domestic economy. What better way to boost this by making laws that actually punish lawbreakers for not paying overtime over a 40 hour work week?

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