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Japan warship, China fishing boat collide in East China Sea


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incidents like this really makes me wonder, the sea is a vast and open road for ships and unlike aircraft, they have more time and warning to avoid each other. It's like walking in a park and someone still manages to graze your shoulder like you're getting off a crowded train. Not a maritime guy so I have no idea

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Let's see the Chinese government's reaction if they are not too busy covering up their Covid-19 debacle.

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40 plus year back, when I was working on a ship, the ship i work on collide with a tanker in Japan strait, the tanker sank the ship I work on had Bolbous bow damage, we end up drydock in Incheon South Korea, another time Panama Canal, the ship I was working on got ram by a cargo ship while waiting for our turn to go into the lock.

Look at the sky so wide plane can still collide.

December 16 – The 1960 New York mid-air collision: United Airlines Flight 826, a Douglas DC-8, and TWA Flight 266, a Lockheed Super Constellation, collide in mid-air over Staten Island in New York;

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It's like walking in a park and someone still manages to graze your shoulder like you're getting off a crowded train. Not a maritime guy so I have no idea

There are sea lanes and parts of the oceans that are quite busy. In addition the warship may have been trying to approach the fishing boat, which may have illegally been fishing in Japan waters. On top of all that, while people can dodge each other with a quick step to the side, ships don't turn around so quickly.

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So 20,000 to 30,000 Chinese fishing boats around that area. Maybe 20 Japanese warships, plus+Coast Guard, spy planes, drones, satellites, subs, advanced radar stations etc.

something smells fishy.

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How much money are you willing to bet on the fact that the Chinese fishing boat intentionally rammed into the Japanese warship?

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Last year it was a North Korean fishing boat. This year it’s the Chinese. There seems to be a common denominator here.

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This is not like walking in a park. They cannot maneuver as quickly as walkers because of inertia.

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There is no territorial dispute between Japan and China.

The Senkaku Islands are a unique territory of Japan.

Senator John McCain, who died in 2018, said:

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Yes that is the truth Yamada-san, the islands ARE Japanese. The Chinese are slowly learning they cannot change or "own" the world by just wishing. They will be happier if they learn to cooperate and accept just their own part of the world instead of trying like happened in the 19th Century taking the land and territory of others.

Time for the Media to stop supporting False Chinese ambitions.

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Warship being hit...

So if there was a war, fishing boats could easily ram Japanese warships ?

Objective of warship is to make respect orders. Destroyer couldn't even do that to a fishing boat, sinking it if necessary ?

That type of warship is supposed by design to have counter abilities against other ships.

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So, as the incident happened in International waters, not territorial waters, are there still defined rules and regulations for ships manouvering re size?

Are the Bigger ones more at fault or the more easily manouvered smaller ones?

Some captains out there?

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